Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Good Gifts

There are 16 days 'til Christmas! Have you gotten your shopping done?

Note to PTB: Your shopping IS done. NO more!

Don't you find that it's so much fun to shop for someone when you have an idea in mind of something they will love? On the other hand, it can be a chore to hem and haw and ponder over a gift when you're just not sure what they would like.

As a mama, I get so excited when I'm shopping at Christmastime and see a gift that I know my child will love. You know, not just a toy that they would probably like for a while, but something that their little heart would leap for joy at opening on Christmas morning. It's rare to find such a good gift, but so fun when you do.

It makes me think of a Bible verse in Matthew that says that if we, who are so full of imperfections and so far from having the pure heart of God, love to give good gifts to our children, how much more does God desire to give good gifts to us?!
It warms my heart to think that at one of those moments when I think my heart will burst with love for my children, that He feels the same, and more, for us. And not only when we're behaving.

I love Christmas! If I opened a box on Christmas morning with a winning lottery ticket, it couldn't possibly come close to the value of the gift received by the world on the very first Christmas.

Now go and enjoy the season, and for goodness sake go do your family a favor and drop some hints as to what little gift you might like under the tree this year!

Josh, I'm thinking small, dangly, and shiny ;)


Brooke said...

You are so right! It's good to see(read) a reminder in the most unexpected places! Thank you for posting that...

Heather and Scott said...

Awesome post...

The Lumberjack's Wife said...

God does love us so much! Thanks for the reminder.

Nicole said...

wonderful little post!