Sunday, December 20, 2009

Deck the Halls

We put up the Christmas tree a week ago. Notice anything...strange...about it?

The kids played a big role in the decorating, as you may have guessed based on ornament placement. I've created a breakdown for all interested parties:

The great majority seem to be placed right about Alex's shoulder height. She was very serious about her decorating.

Derek's job was to sit around and look cute.

Mission accomplished.

His other self-appointed job was to break ornaments. That's where the other 2% ended up. Raise your hand if you thought I was just really bad at math.

The kids are having a lot of fun this Christmas season. They are loving the lights, music, and excitement.
The only thing missing is Daddy! We can't wait to be together again, and thank you Josh for sacrificing your holidays with your family to keep us all safe! Love you tons.

Here's a clip just for you...the best I could get of Alex Snow White singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. I'll keep trying, because she loves to belt it out.


The Lumberjack's Wife said...

Oh, darn, I've missed something! Where is your husband?
Love the tree! :) Sadly, many ornaments have perished here, too.

Erin said...

My boys tipped over the tree crawling around it when we first put it up. They too broke several ornaments, none of them theirs.