Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 31, 2009

I spent the last day of 2009 doing all manner of exciting things-- playing with my kids and niece in the snow, losing* in a riveting game of scrabble, and...well, I guess that's about it.

On second thought, it wasn't all that exciting after all.

* Technically I wont admit a complete loss. I protest the results based upon vioaltion of rule number 3, point 5: No outside assistance is allowed. You broke the rules Flash**!

** Flash is my mom's new nickname. She's menopausal.
We'll be having a conversation and mid sentence she'll walk out onto the deck, where it is 20 degrees and snowing.

Oh, and Flash? Keep your victory. I believe we're even now.

And back to my day...

I tried to get a picture of the three amigos in the snow. Normally I would say that having 3 of 3 looking at the camera, with 2/3 of them smiling was pretty good.

But when the remaining third is giving me a steely-eyed death glare, it takes away some of the victory.

But don't let him fool you, he was having a great time.

Only I had bought him some snow boots that light up when he steps, and he kept falling over while trying to watch his own boots light up.
Life's tough when you're two.

Alex Kate asked me to put her in this tree and take her picture.
I obliged.

But her snow pants are way too small and she wasn't able to bend all that well.
So I just wedged her in there and hoped for the best.

 My niece Kennedy.
 This girl is quite the character.
I make her tell me all the time that I'm her favorite aunt. Then I ask her who her second favorite aunt is, and she reminds me that she doesn't have any other aunts.

And by some strange coincidence, Miss Kennedy also has the same exact food allergies as this guy:

"What ma? I've got allergies?" 
He doesn't care, as long as I leave him alone to finish his Curious George fruit snacks.

My kids think fruit snacks are an extra special treat.

"It's the Man with the Yellow Hat's Hat, Mama! Only it's blue!"

Boggled her mind I tell you.
And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, I shall resume my New Year's Eve plans that include cuddle time with my laptop and seeing what's on Flash's DVR.
Don't be jealous. 
Maybe I'll even spend some time contemplating the year to come and thinking up some goals I'd like to achieve. 

Happy 2010 to you all, and may you be blessed in the coming year!


The Lumberjack's Wife said...

So . . . are you still with Pat the Bunny, or are you now living with Flash, or are you back at home?

You take awesome pictures! I need some talent in that area.
Happy New Year!

Erin said...

I'm staying with Flash, for about one more day, then back to PtB, then home on the 7th.
Keep up, will ya? ;) Ha!

Anonymous said...

That picture of Alex is so funny! It looks like you glued her there!!!

Audrey said...

hey erin! I was looking through old pics the other day and found some from SOS and Derek was such a chubbo! They just grow so fast. Canaan is a chubbo too. Hope you are doing well! Wish we could see you! When does Josh get back?