Friday, December 4, 2009

Remember When, Episode 1

Sometimes I have a hard time thinking of something to blog about.
I don't know why, I mean what could be more interesting than staying home with a couple of preschoolers while living in small town America?

*crickets chirping*


So I thought I would add a little fun to the 'ole blog with some more reminiscing. I had a good time retelling the story of how Josh and I met and fell in love. And so I've decided to make it a recurring part of the regular blog programming. Well, not that story in particular. You might get sick of that same one after awhile. But you know what I mean.

Or maybe just tolerate.
Or don't read it at all. Totally your choice.

Remember when...

I used to play terribly mean pranks on my friends in college. I'm not even sure why they stayed my friends to be honest.
She hadn't done anything to deserve it, but one day it just dawned on me as my college housemate N was taking a shower, that I should poor some cold water over the curtain.
But, that's been done a million times. What's so funny about that, right?
And then I got inspired. I was bored, looking in the fridge, and noticed an almost-empty bottle of pickles sitting there. Full of nice, cold pickle juice.

Yes, I did.
I poured it over the shower curtain right on top of her.
Cold, smelly pickle juice.
I don't think she appreciated it.

But I still say it was more creative that the time we put an egg in her pillowcase. That didn't make nearly the mess we thought it would. Apparently the chances of laying your head on the exact necessary spot on the pillow aren't that high.

Another favorite college prank of mine was to take advantage of my trusting friends who left their e-mail accounts opened. Oh, how I loved to send e-mails to their friends and family sharing all sorts of shocking, albeit untrue, tidbits. One such friend had to quickly call her parents before they checked their email to assure them that she actually was not pregnant and dropping out of school. Spoil sport.

And now, the lessons learned from this little trip down memory lane:

1) I was a jerk.
2) Hmmm, I guess that's the only lesson you can really learn.
That, and don't leave your e-mail open around me.

Thanks for still talking to me gals!

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NF - C&T said...

ha!!! Oh ... and the same night you put the egg there you also changed all the clocks in the house forward by an hour. That was the most mean! You know how much an hour means in college when sleep is so hard to come by! But you made us all smile so well worth it!