Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pat the Bunny Strikes Again

I have no idea what I will blog about when I return home, but I just can't pass up the opportunities that PtB provides while I'm still here.

True statements about my dear mother in law:

- She courts a surface-level romance with technology. She owns the equipment, but falls just short of understanding how to use it. She has an iPhone, can access the internet from it, but is completely unable to adjust the phone's volume. She has a Facebook page, but can't for the life of her figure out how it "works." I'm at a loss to explain. It doesn't work, it just is.

- She can never find anything. Her keys and purse are never in the same place twice, and never the first place she looks for them. Her methods of cleaning pretty much revolve around throwing piles of things away, which often include non-trash items such as saucepans, silverware, and remote controls.

- I've never met anyone who can make as big of a mess while cooking as PtB. When she's cooking with eggs, I just remove Derek from the kitchen entirely lest flying egg particles trigger an allergic reaction.

And then there are her photos.

I asked if I could upload pictures from her camera to see if there were some from Christmas morning that I would like. As I scrolled through her pictures from the last 6 months (apparently she doesn't know how to delete them), I came across a recurring issue:

Did you like that last one?
It's me getting stuck in the kids' new Christmas toy.
PtB got all giddy and grabbed her camera, sure that it was her turn to embarrass me. "Wait 'til this shows up on the blog!" she taunted.

Yet another way she doesn't understand technology.
Silly Bunny, it's my blog. Nothing shows up on it until I put it there.

But because she has provided me with so much blogging delight these past months, I will be a good sport.

Here's me with my child bearing hips stuck in the tunnel:
Finally emerging
And this gem of a photo of half of my head
Good work PtB!

- Oh, and it would also be true to mention that she is the most giving and selfless person I know. Almost to a fault.

I mean, look at the way she continues to "give" to my blog? ;)

Love ya, Bunny!


The Lumberjack's Wife said...

Oh, my parents and in-laws are the same way! It is pretty tricky to take photos without your fingers in the picture. :)

Jen McD said...

Oh my lands - that's funny. I love PTB. She's a good grandma and mil. And if she's someone you can laugh and joke, it makes life even better.

Heather and Scott said...

Laughing out loud...AGAIN!!! :) She is such a good sport :) But, then again, you are pretty funny :)

Rachel said...

I wish you could hear me laughing from here. I also wish I could be brave the land of poking fun at my in-laws in such a manner. Oh the material. Oh, oh, oh.