Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Plethora of Nonsense

Check out my snowman.

Not bad, eh? Josh sent the kids some things from Korea and this might just be my favorite.

Korean play-doh is a totally different consistency and much easier to create with. If you're ever in Korea, pick ya up some.


Today I drove back over to western Michigan with the kiddos and my little niece Kennedy. It was a fairly uneventful drive, with the exception of the occasional:
"He's touching me!"
"Derek sneezed and it got me wet!"
"I need to poop!"

Turns out that 9 times out of 10, that "need" is actually just a want and can be delayed until you reach your destination. Luckily for me, the odds held true today. I'm not a big fan of stopping on road trips, especially when it involves getting 3 kids in and out of car seats in winter.

Then again, I am also not a fan of cleaning poop off of clothing and car seats.

It was a gamble.

Speaking of gambling, until last week I had lived 30 years without ever buying a lottery ticket. But when I was trying to figure out what to buy for Josh's grandmother for Christmas, I was assured that she loves lottery tickets.
"Good morning, could I please have $20 worth of Bingo and Cash Word lottery tickets for my children's great grandmother?" That is how I ordered.
I didn't want the man to think they were for me.
I'm really not sure why.

And then I find out that for Grannie Annie's stocking stuffers, PtB had bought her smut! Apparently she has quite the affinity for romance novels, specifically historical fiction set in Scotland. I wrapped them, and I do believe I might have blushed when I read the back cover. "Taken by the Laird" had more than one connotation if you know what I mean.

Poor Grannie Annie was corrupted for Christmas! Gambling and smut. Next thing I know, she'll be riding her Jazzy chair to the corner bar.

I have no reason that I am posting these pictures, other than that I'm fairly certain he is the cutest thing in the world with his little legs dangling there.

And how to round out such a nonsensical post??
Oh yes, I believe this will do it.

Now I have to go and think of some resolutions for the New Year.
Any ideas?


The Lumberjack's Wife said...

The piano pictures are pretty cute! I always make my kids wait to go to the bathroom. I am mean like that.

Nicole said...

Here is a New Years resolution idea...include a picture of yourself in at least every third post. It was so nice seeing you in crawling through the jungle gym b/c you rarely pop up in the post! :)

Rachel said...

So, i didn't know what a jazzy chair was, and I was curious and slightly afraid to click the link, for fear of it leading to something slightly less than PG smut :) How silly of me.

Jen McD said...

I too was a bit afraid of the jazzy chair link. Sometimes you're like a box of chocolates.

I will share one of mine with you.... I will read Gone with the Wind this year. This is where you decide to give Love Actually another shot ;-)