Sunday, December 6, 2009

They're watching me.

We've spent quite a few evenings over at my Dad & Cindy's place, which is only about 10 minutes down the road. The kids love to terrorize a different set of grandparents every so often, and I'm pretty sure I can hear Mom & Mark sigh with relief as I take the noise and chaos with me.

Meet Noise:

And Chaos:

My dad doesn't mind. He's a glutton for punishment.
Don't believe me? After surviving my sister and I, he now has 3 teenage step-daughters. Cindy's girls-- Katie, Emily, and Sara. More boyfriends to intimidate, more mood swings, more urgent needs for designer jeans.

Good luck pops!

It works out great for me. Whenever we go to visit, the girls swoop in and play with Noise and Chaos and I am left to relax.

Only it can be a little tricky to relax over there.
What with all of the eyes watching me.

These poor guys don't even have eyes anymore. But their sockets are watching me.
I can feel it.

Sorry that the picture of the triplets is a little blurry. I snapped a quick shot but then that one in the corner gave me a look that said he didn't like his picture being taken.

And since those heads sit right over the couch, I didn't want to take any chances on one diving down on me while I watched TV.

You'd think that the kids might be intimidated by their Pepaw. Maybe a little worried that if they act up, he might just mount their heads and hang them on the wall.
But they're smart little critters, and have him totally figured out.

They know he has a big 'ole soft spot and they fit right into it.
Actually just about everyone fits into his soft spot.

Everyone except the animals.


Heather and Scott said...

Did you grow up with all those heads on the walls??

The Lumberjack's Wife said...

Ok, that's creepy! I have one deer mount in my house (not my choice) and it disturbs me. I think the turkeys were the worst!

Erin said...

No the head were not a part of my childhood-- my dad wasn't a very good hunter back then ;)