Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Potty Training

No, I'm not starting yet. But I have a couple of friends who are in the midst of that painful process, and so I'm starting to think about it.

This is my plan:

I will think about potty training for about 2 more months.
Then I will tell Derek to start thinking about potty training.
A month after that, I will ask Josh if he can take a week's vacation, and while he's home, would he please potty train his son.

Sounds about right to me.

Actually I'm writing this post because it has come to my attention that there are some handy little gadgets out there that I wasn't previously aware of, and I thought some of you might have need of them.

First is the Potty Watch.
Have you heard of this?
It's a little watch shaped like a potty that the trainee wears. You set it to go off at whatever interval you choose, and it plays a little tune to tell the child that it's time to go potty.

It gives the kid more control, and we all know that 2 year old's want all the control they can get. And it's convenient for other people who might be watching your child.
(Thanks for the idea, Laura!)

And then there's the Wee-man

It's a urinal that hangs down from the regular potty to help tiny tots who want to stand up like Daddy. It flips over to drain into the big potty, and you leave it in there when you flush and that rinses it out.

Veeedy Eeenteresting.

At least, more interesting and potentially useful than some of the other baby products out there.
Like the Daddle:

Nothing says "I'm the man of the house" like being saddled up and ridden by your children. Horsey rides are fun, sure, but do they need to be this formal?

Or how about the Zaky pillow? These creepy severed hands sleep with your baby to make them feel comfortable. Or maybe terrified.

"Mommy! Where's the rest of you? And why are you discolored?"

Or this. Someone acutally marketed a bucket as a bath. If you'd like to bathe your kid in a bucket, just find one and do it. You probably don't need this Norwegian death trap. And how exactly do you wash them when you're busy holding the kids head above water?

I really don't know where I'm going with this post, but I do know that I have oodles of things I should be doing, and so I'm off!


Rachel said...

My question is why does Dad's saddle have to be pink? It's already lame enough.

Anonymous said...

Erin, I am disappointed in you. Instructing others to use a bucket, when that would clearly be unsafe...

Citing: http://www.tummytub.de/english/faq.php

Why can I not use a household bucket?
A household bucket is not designed, and the overall shape is not suitable for bathing babies safely.


The Lumberjack's Wife said...

That tub is just odd. And that saddle. Weird! :) Oh, I loathe potty training. Handsome Dude might enjoy that watch.

Erin said...

So, when you husband takes his week off, does he want to do two boys at one time? We'll pay you :)

I'm so not looking forward to it this time. The other two wanted to potty train. Although, #3 wore undies the other day because I keep telling him how babies use their diapers and big boys use the potty. But, I'm not ready to follow him around yet waiting for accidents. Not even close.

Love the product list.

PBJCJ said...

I love reading your blog! You crack me up! I am one of those in the middle of 'potty training nightmares'. J will NOT even consider it no matter what I try. Grrrr!!! Might have to look into your suggestions :)

Jen McD said...

I think I'm most confused with the toddler urinal. Does it stay on all the time so an adult female would have to sort of straddle that thing? It's more creepy to me than the fake baby holder hands.

Erin, I strongly suggest waiting 3-6 months after they're ready. Brad did it in one day once I told him he was allowed. Bliss. Rare accidents and night trained quickly. For all my non-existent unborn children this is my method of choice.

Jen McD said...

ps - I like the new headers!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the latest blog. I peed my pants. I'm pregnant and have a weak bladder, thanks a lot. Also, I have been searching for a bucket to bath the new baby in...perfect! And, I'm norwegian. Should I be proud or embarrassed?
Miss you!

Dana said...

i giggled out loud! I can't wait to send these links to my friend who just had her baby on the 27th... what perfect baby shower gifts. just perfect.