Thursday, January 28, 2010


I may have mentioned a time or 10 that my memory is not what it should be.
Then again, I may not have. I can't remember.

But if I haven't, allow me to say that it is true.

Take Sunday for instance. Getting out the door to church on time is always a bit of a challenge, as either Josh or I try to take advantage of sleeping in a little, and we go to the 9:15am service. We were doing okay this week, until Josh went to load the kids in the car and realized that there were no car seats in it.

Oops. I had taken them out the day before for the girls' ski trip. Forgot to put them back in. We were no longer on time for church.

Then 30 seconds down the road we realized that we did not have Derek's diaper bag.
We moved past being not on time to officially being late.

My husband is never late, except when he is accompanied by yours truly.

Then of course, there was the forgotten snack incident for Alex's preschool on Tuesday. Don't tell her, but the snack girl also gets to do show & tell. I ruined it. And she had been planning on taking in her favorite kitty-cat.
Actually her classmates might thank me for that.

Today, as we were driving home from running some errands, it dawned on me that I was supposed to call our auto insurance when we got home from Michigan to re-instate full coverage for the vehicles. (We got a discount for "stored vehicles" while we were away from home.)
To be honest, I feel lucky that I remembered at all-- and happy that it didn't take an accident to remind me.

I was trying to defend my ineptitude to my husband as we carried grocery bags in the house. I didn't get very far, because before I could finish my thought, I emptied my pockets and out fell the coupons I'd forgotten to use at the store.

I'm a mess.

Anyone out there have the secret for pulling it all together?
I've already tried reality TV, internet consumption, and sleeping a lot. I can verify they don't work.

Whatever you do, don't tell me that the absence of those things is the answer, because I've got a DVR full of Idol, Bachelor, and Biggest Loser that's calling my name.
And I plan to answer.


thelumberjackswife said...

I have never seen Biggest Loser. Should I try this show?
Don't tell me you don't like The Office.
I might not be able to visit this blog again. :)

I'm Erin. said...

Silly Taylor,

Of course I like The Office.
And 30 Rock.
And Lost
And 90210 (yes, 90210)

i should stop now.

Jamie said...


Your humor and honesty are always so refreshing!

Sorry, no advice on the whole 'keeping it together thing'...but if you figure out the secret ingredient, do tell! :)

Also, loved seeing pics of y'all on the slopes together as a family. It inspires me! Which ski resort did you take the kids to??

Pam, mom, honey, said...

mountain dew, mountain dew and ooh did i say mountain dew, i forget what i said sometimes. i forget what my best friends name is when i look her in the face. then a mountain dew makes things better

Sunk Costs said...

I think it might help if you also have Chuck and Better Off Ted on the ol' dvr. Chuck sounds like ground beef and that will remind you to always use your coupons at the store. Ted has a daughter, and that will remind you of whether it's Alex's turn to be snack girl.

Carol Anne said...

Oh my gosh. Sometimes I'm amazed that I've made it through the day without hurting myself.

Last Saturday I was out of cat food. I knew this Saturday morning. When it came time to feed the kitties at 7pm, no cat food. That's right. I went all day without heading out to buy food, which meant going out at 7pm to buy cat food. Poor cats.

TAMMY said...

I found your blog through McMama's blogfrog community. I love it!

Are you sure you didn't write this post about me? It sounds exactly like my life. No advice about how to pull it all together. If you figure it out would you let me know? Thanks!