Wednesday, January 20, 2010


 "Alright mom. You woke me up, you dragged me here. It's cold. I've got my flag, now where exactly is my Daddy?"

Things I did not say to my son in reply:
I woke you up?
Kind of like the way you woke me up at 1am, 1:30, 1:45, 2:00, and 6:30? Like that?

Guess I was wrong to assume that his fever was gone for good.

He didn't seem to care when I told him in the night that I had hoped for a good rest so I could be looking my best the next day.
Nothing says hot wife like red, puffy eyes.

So you probably guessed that today was our big day!!
Despite the long night, we made it on time for Josh's arrival at 8ish this morning.
The squadron returned in a chartered plane. It seemed like forever after they landed before the doors opened and they started to file out.

In reality, it was probably about an hour.
But an hour feels like forever when the kids know that Daddy's on that plane. Here they are waiting...

I'd say that they were waiting patiently, but I try not to lie.

They finally let us out of the hanger and onto the flight line. It was freezing! Typically windy and the ground was icy as well. The pilots were all in the back of the plane, and the last to get off.

Finally it was our turn :)

Hang on a second, let me break that last one down for you.

Point A- I did not realize at the time that there was a cameraman right over our shoulders as we were smooching.  If I had known, I'd have put on a better show.

Point B- My husband has ridiculously small hands.

Point C- He came in for a kiss before I could tell him that I've had a sore throat since last night. Welcome home Josh! You have a sick kid and a sick wife. Boo.

But sick or not, it feels really good to be together again. All is well.

We're thankful for God's faithfulness in seeing us through another deployment.
Thanks to all of our family and friends for your thoughts and prayers!

ps- and thanks to Chester for staying behind in Korea!


Jen McD said...

Yea Josh is home!! Yea there's no chester!!

Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

The Lumberjack would like to know how you managed to take pictures of the two of you smooching? :)

Glad he is home safe and sound.
And thank goodness Chester stayed behind!

Jennifer said...

Yay! So glad you guys are back together!! We'll cut you some slack and let you take a break from blogging. Expecting the next update in 2 weeks! :)

mikeandmelissafisher said...

Welcome home Josh! You all look great! Love the letters again.

Just a hint: Powerpoint is the easiest program to add text. You can "select all" when you are done and "group"...then "save image as..." a new image. I also use it to stack images for my Christmas cards.

Not that you have time for any of that right now ;) ;) I hope NOT to see any posts from you for a few days...GO HAVE FUN!!!

Sunk Costs said...

Wooohooo!!!!! He shaved!!!!!! : )

I'm so happy you're all together again!

And that picture of Alex and Derek holding hands just about did me in.

Annie Pennington said...

The pics totally made me cry. I'm so glad you finally have your man back home where he belongs. Welcome home Josh!

Erin said...


Heather and Scott said...

FABULOUS pictures, my friend :) Although, I expect NOTHING less now!! :) And so glad Josh is home :) Makes me smile :) Love you!!

Laanykidsmom said...

I came over from Erin's blog. Wow, I don't even know you and those pictures made me tear up! So glad your husband is home. Thanks to you all for your service to our country. (I'm Erin's husband's sister, by the way)

Jstrohmeyer said...

So happy you're all back together!

Dana said...

JOSH!!!!! Welcome back, so glad you are home safe.
I love photo of all of you at the end, such a candid , beautiful picture!! You guys are an amazing family.