Saturday, January 16, 2010

Anatomy Lesson

So we've been talking a little bit around here about body parts and the role they play in the potty process.
Derek peed on the bathroom floor the other day after his bath, and I think he was a little surprised to see where the pee was coming from.

"Mama, I made peepee from my penis!"

(I opted to teach them the anatomical terms, if for no other reason than it was hilarious to hear my daughter try to pronounce "vagina" when she was two.)

I assured him that it was normal that the pee would come from there. But now he's a little confused about how the poop ends up in his diaper.

Last night I overheard this conversation as we were getting ready for bedtime:

Alex: Derek I'm going to go pee on the potty. You can watch me if you want because you have to learn how.

Derek: Yesh, I watch you go potty. You go peepee from your penis?

Alex:(very seriously) No Derek. Girls don't have penises. Girls have holes in their butts. Boys have penises and girls have little holes in their butts to pee from. (So much for my anatomically correct training, eh?)

Derek: You have hole in your butt?

Alex: Yes, but not the same hole that makes poop. You have one of those too.

Derek: No, I make poopoo with my penis.

Alex: No you don't. You make poopoo from a hole in your butt.

Derek: No. I make poopoo from my PENIS.

Alex: No Derek, you're wrong.


I stepped in at that point, and did my best to explain it. Still, I thought Alex's first attempt at giving an anatomy lesson wasn't too shabby.


I will say that what he lacks in body function knowledge, he makes up for by being just the sweetest little companion in the mornings when sissy is at preschool.

He plays so well on his own, but will cuddle up with me whenever I sit down.

Love this boy!


Taylor said...

He is very sweet! And Alex did a great job with the explanations! :)

Nicole said...

Classic! I love it...maybe Alex is bound to be a nurse like her momma.

Your blogs are such a treasure for me at work (especially on Monday mornings!). Love you!

Dana said...

I literally just peed my pants. you are too talented.
I wanted to nominate you for a Bloggie, but nominations closed on the 12th!!! http://2010.bloggies.com/
I am soooo behind on everything, even nominations :(
But, the word verification for this comment is: patomatt. just thought you should know what I go through just to post a comment :)