Monday, January 25, 2010

Birth Control

Josh and I are going skiing tomorrow.

Here is the list of things necessary to accomplish before we go:

-Drive to base, rent ski equipment
-Call drop-in center and reserve spot for Derek
-Sign Alex up for extended-day at her school
-Ask friend to pick Alex up when extended day ends
-Ask another friend to be our back-up just in case unforeseeable circumstances prevent us from getting Derek before the drop-in center closes
 - Pack food for Derek for all day tomorrow
 - Pack a lunch for Alex

Tomorrow morning:
-Drive Derek to drop-in center
 -Scare the workers into remembering Derek's allergies. Specifically, mention the words: Milk, Peanuts, Eggs, and Death
- Explain again (mostly for my benefit) how to use the benadryl and epi-pen in case of emergency
- Remember to bring a blankie and Ellie the Blue Elephant
- Take Alex to school
- Uninstall her car seat and leave it at the school for my friend who's picking her up.
- Drive to mountain/worry about leaving Derek
-Ski/worry that Derek is sad and needs me
-Drive home/worry that Derek was fed something he shouldn't be
- Pick up Derek/ wonder why I spent the day worrying
- Pick up Alex
- Arrive home. Deep sigh.

Ladies and Gentlemen without young children:
Go skiing now.


The Lumberjack's Wife said...

Ah, yes! Kids. So exhausting . . . and needy. So is your little guy really deathly allergic too all those things?

Jen McD said...


Have a good time. Everything will be fine! Have fun with your hubby!

Erin said...

Skiing twice in one week? I'm envious. Enjoy!

Laanykidsmom said...

I understand. Our younger daughter has epilepsy and I send her emergency seizure meds everywhere with her - "Okay, if she starts to seize, this little plunger of medicine goes you-know-where..."
We told a younger couple who don't have kids yet to HAVE FUN, do lots of stuff, travel, and make sure they are ready before they start a family!

Rachel said...

The best part of being a parent is the realization that you are not the center of their universe like you thought you were...wait, that's the crushing defeat of parenting.