Saturday, January 23, 2010

Me Day, Ski Day

Each time that Josh returns from a long trip, I look forward to my "me" day. It's a day that he gets to spend on his own with the kids, reconnecting and enjoying time with them, and I get to spend, well, by myself. 

In the past I've gotten a massage and gone shopping.
Today, I spent my "me" day hitting the slopes with some girlfriends!

Between the four of us, we had left behind a four year old, 2 three year olds, 2 two year olds, a 1 year old, and 2 less-than-one year olds.
Whew. We've had some busy uteruses. Or is it uteri?
However you say it, we were all excited to be sans children for the day.

Our fun was not at all  hampered by these facts:

1) I look like a man when I go skiing.
(No, I do not have any photographic evidence. This is not by accident.)
I don't get to ski all that often, so I haven't invested in any ski apparel. Instead, I bundle up in the warmest stuff in our closet, which happens to mostly belong to my husband.
I definitely got some questioning looks in the ladies room as to whether I belonged in there.

2) Visibility on the mountain today was a bit lacking.

There were a few runs where I couldn't see where the trail led next. Luckily, I managed to avoid heading down any slopes that were out of my league, which are most of them.

I took this picture from the lift of a group of small children going down a hill that I was too afraid to try.

Little jerks. Where do they get off trying to make me feel incompetent?

3) I only ended up on my back and unable to right myself one time. Unfortunately it was in the middle of a small trail. My three friends were all trying to help me up. I looked like a stud...I mean what guy wouldn't want three girls helping him ski?

Josh did a great job as Mister Mom. Not only were the kids alive and well when I got home, but he folded the laundry and all of the dirty dishes had been put away too.
"Me" day= success.

Happy Weekend to You!


thelumberjackswife said...

Happy Weekend to you as well! I have never been skiing. Amazing, huh?

Jen McD said...

Me day is FUN day!! Good for you. I've skied with you and you weren't manly and could hold your own!

I used to get "do as I say" days, but haven't had one in a while... sad.

Erin said...

Are you getting a "massage day" to recover from your "me day"?