Wednesday, January 6, 2010


We fly home tomorrow.
I spent all day packing and haven't the brain function to make any attempts at wittiness. I've laundered and shoved and pulled and lugged.

I have 5 suitcases packed so tightly that I have images of zippers giving way and my panties being strewn about the runway.

Our goal is to leave the house at 5am tomorrow. That is a terrible goal, and in direct opposition to my main goal in life: Never be awake before 9am.
Unfortunately I had to give up on that goal many moons ago. I think it was sometime in my sophomore year of college when I realized that I couldn't schedule all of my classes to start no earlier than 10am.

And just when the thought of air travel couldn't get much worse for me, I see this on Southwest's website:

Southwest Airlines is preparing for an arctic blast that is expected to impact our scheduled service to/from several locations.
Based on the forecasted extreme temperatures and precipitation, there is a possibility that our flights could be disrupted (delayed, diverted, and/or cancelled).
For the most up-to-date specific flight information, please check Flight Status Information.

See that top one? That's where we're connecting through tomorrow.

Somewhere near the top of my list of terrible things that can happen that exclude tragedy, is being stuck at an airport with my children.
So send a few prayers my way for some clear skies tomorrow, or just the ability to endure whatever comes my way.
I'm sure it will be a fun adventure.
This is going to suck.


Jennifer said...

Ugh... Sorry to hear this. Praying for you guys! Aren't you glad that you didn't do the road trip???

Jen McD said...

Praying for you! The good news is that MDW has been remodeled. Stuck there 8 years ago would have been much worse. There's places to walk and things to see.... all while lugging everything you own, and entertaining kids missing naps and meals.

You can do this! God will give you the strength you need. It's one day, temporary torture, with a goal in sight! Also, it's ok to cry. I find the last part helpful when all else fails.

Praying for a smooth sail right through Chicago and onto your merry way home!

The Lumberjack's Wife said...

Oh, just think of all the memories you are making for your kids! :) Good luck!