Monday, February 1, 2010

A few (more) things.

1) My son is in the midst of a torrid love affair with breakfast meats. Bacon and sausage rock his world.


With Alex, I would have worried about how unhealthy that food was. And though I do get the turkey bacon and the all-natural sausage for him, I really don't think too much about it. 

Because, 1 year ago, he wasn't eating anything. 
And as you can see below, he went from being the fattest baby on earth at 2 months and in the 98th percentile...
...to being a rather skinny-looking toddler in the 13th percentile at 15 months. 

*Cue photo of expensive prescription formula*
That's when Derek started on formula for the first time in his little life. For he was a boob man. And because of his tendency to be allergic to the world, his momma got the priveledge of eating the world's crappiest diet for a year. 
Click here to see my reintroduction to the world of cheese. It was a great day in my life.
So for over a year now, Derek has been drinking the Elecare, and racking up these receipts for said substance. Care to guess the total cost??
Oh, about $15,000.
Yes, I counted the right amount of zeros. 
I do believe that it should be illegal for 15 months of formula to cost that much, don't you?
And you know what else?
No matter what I hear from other folks who don't appreciate military healthcare, I will never rip Tricare.
Because they have paid for every.single.drop.

And since eating is still a bit of a challenge for Derek, if he wants to strip down and roll around in a pool of bacon, I say okay. As long as he eats some while he's in there.

2) These are my handsome guys all ready for church and taking a moment to read the always-riveting Little White Duck.
Hey D, do you ever get tired of that book?

I'll take that as a no. 
3) This is what you end up with when you realize it's Jan 28th, you don't have a 2010 calendar, and you take your 4-year-old daughter with you to get one. 

Oh well, at least it was marked down to $2.50.

4) Does this happen to you?

5) Alex and Derek have been disappearing into their bedrooms and playing together, nicely, for long stretches of time. So I choose to ignore that this is what happens while they're in there. 

6) I keep feeling as if there's something I should be doing right now, but I can't quite put my finger on it. 



TAMMY said...

$15,000 for formula??? Yeah, should be illegal. No wonder the health care industry is broken!

Bananas? Well, we either end up running out cuz they get eat too fast or like yours they get overripe before we can eat them. It's always one extreme or the other. Wonder why that is?

Jen McD said...

I can't believe it's been 15 months of formula! Tricare's good, no complaints here either. None.

I'm happy for that liquid gold helping out that little man. He's cute covered in bacon.

thelumberjackswife said...

Banana bread! He is cute! Let him bacon! :)

Jennifer said...

Yes, we are thankful for Tricare. I'm thankful for any kind of health insurance right now since I see way too many people/kids without it!

And you have the cutest towels in your bathroom! Black and white??? So cute!!

Sunk Costs said...

1. That Tinkerbell looks rather suggestive.

2. I would make some smoothies to use up those bananas. If I had a blender. And time to make a smoothie.

3. Is that Everybody Poops on the floor?

4. I won't tell you how many loads of laundry Mike and I did last week, but it was alarmingly close to double digits.

5. It is not at all my intention to make fun of your sweet commenter and friend the lumber jack's wife, but I had quite the laugh over "let him bacon!" I suspect I may adopt this as a new way of saying "let me do what I want, who's it hurting?"

Laura said...

hey question, i'm struggling with getting tricare to cover our elecare for my twin boys. We have around 2 years of documentation we sent over 60 pages. ANd they declined it, and requested for a peer to peer interview with their dr. the boys are extremely ill without it, low birthweight to start out with, but a confirmed dx of MSPI. any idea of how to help me. I'm desperate for answers

I'm Erin. said...

Laura, can you send me some contact info? My e-mail address is eschore@hotmail.com

I'd be happy to share more about when it was covered for our son, and when it was denied as well.