Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Today, as I watched Derek do a few things that I've never seen his sister do, I wondered to myself: How do boys know how to be boys?

He was certainly never taught that a shirtsleeve can be a substitute for a tissue. He must have been born knowing it.
I also didn't indicate to him that not wearing pants makes it easy to slide your hand in the side of your diaper and announce to the room that "Hey! Dat's my penis in der!" Again, innate knowledge.
And, for your enjoyment, here is the way that my son shovels in his favorite snack (or in tonight's case, his dinner. Hey, it's a veggie, right?)

Things of note in that video:
1) The strange contraption in the background is my vacuum with a bath towel draped over it. Classy, I know.
2) The messy room behind Derek belongs to his sister. But in the interest of being honest, mine is in worse shape.
3) I love that our tile floor has dark grout. Really, I wouldn't ever choose differently. I'm sure the reason why is obvious.
4) Don't you love that the first thing you see when Alex pops in front of the screen is her mouthful of popcorn? I guess girls aren't that much better.


Sunk Costs said...

And are they BORN knowing how to make all those bizarre noises? I will never understand. Lord help me if I ever have a boy.

Laanykidsmom said...

Boys also know how to turn anything into a pretend gun. After a while you give up and just buy them Nerf guns. It's actually safer than them running around with pointy sticks aimed at each other.

Rachel said...

my boy likes to tell everyone, EVERYONE, how corn shows up in his poo. And, I do mean, the exact way that it happens. Then, describes what it looks like.

thelumberjackswife said...

Cute! And I learned the hard way about the benefits of dark grout.