Friday, February 19, 2010

Just Stuff

Here is a picture:

I call it "Two Kids and a Fridge on a Friday Morning."
I enjoy naming my photos. Makes me feel like an artist.

I can't really say why they stopped for a photo right in front of the refrigerator, but they decided on their own to hold hands, so I was all for it. If they held hands in front of my dirty shower and wanted me to take a picture, I would.
Only I probably wouldn't post it on the blog.
I do have some standards you know.
My messy sink, yes. Pantry full-o-crap, yes.
But not the shower. That's just too personal. And too gross.
Someone remind me to clean that thing please.

Doesn't Derek look like a little punk in that picture?
I think it's because he is.
He's in his bed not napping. Again.
5th day in a row.
He is also getting his last 2-year-molar and is being quite the stinker.
His teeth have all come in one at a time.
That God. He has one crazy sense of humor.
If it isn't eyebrow duplicity, it's one tooth at a time.

In other news, I am going out to dinner tonight with some girlfriends. Yippee!
My friend Nikki is turning 30 tomorrow and tonight we shall celebrate with some chit-chat and raw fish.
What could be better?
Josh has been spoiling me lately with girls' nights. I think I forgot to mention that the movie & dinner I wanted to go on in this post, did indeed pan out.

Thanks baby! I'll bring you my leftover sushi.
(If I have any. I'm saving up my hungry for this dinner.)

Happy Friday to You!


thelumberjackswife said...

Double eyebrows . . . interesting . . . :)

Have fun!

I don't eat sushi. And the hotel we are going to has an entire restaurant devoted to sushi.

And, more than likely, I won't go.
But I will think of you as I walk by it and as I am doing my 8 min abs, you drill sergeant, you.

Jessie at Blog Schmog said...

Ah, darling kids! Love your frig pic and I can totally relate to the "standards". I have a picture of piles of laundry on my blog somewhere! :)

You should join FAB Friday on my blog. Lumberjackswife comes over each week too. It's a bit of mamma fun. :)

Jen McD said...

I've missed your blog - grocery woes and all! Your punk kids are cute. I can't believe what a "dude" Derek is!

Enjoy your sushi. Why didn't we get all these girl trips?

Not so patiently waiting for orders with you,


Joyce said...

Your kids are adorable!