Friday, February 26, 2010

First Haircut

Today Derek had his first official haircut.
He's had his hair cut before, of course, but only in our bathroom hair studio.
Remember the summer 'do?

I think it might make a reapperance this summer, just for fun.
Sorry Grandmas, I know you weren't big fans.

Of course I brought my camera along, because I'm that mom who photographs everything.
Before picture:

Despite that smile, Derek wasn't really sure about the whole haircut idea.
Even after Daddy sat down with him.

But then he realized that the clippers tickled a little, and that was kind of fun. The man cutting his hair was quite nice. Wish I had caught his name.

He still had to pretend that he wasn't having a good time though, just to get some sympathy. And a lollipop.

Big sister watched the proceedings.

Today was parent day at her school. I went and she gave me lessons in a craft and some shelf-work. Then she made me a snack.
I have to be honest, I have a hard time eating things made by 4-year-olds.
Even my own.
Because I've seen her eat her boogers, and I wouldn't put it past her to think that I might want to eat them too. But it was a fun time. I love her little school. Her teachers are so patient and soft-spoken.

It must be a shock to her system to come home each day.

Ahem, back to the haircut.
So here was the finished product:

Oh that boy. He melts my heart.

Speaking of melt, I have to go get some of that pizza with the melting cheese before my husband eats it all.

Erin Schore, out.


Erin said...

Very cute. Where did you go and how much did it cost? My boys are in desperate need of hair cuts and I'm not in the mood to do them right now.

Jen McD said...

looks sharp! I love that school too, I never thought about he drastic atmosphere change for poor Cole. Great, add to my mommy guilt!