Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Three Things Thursday: Wednesday Edition

1) I've had a nagging cough for over a week now.
It's not just any cough.
No, this is the cough of a heavy smoker with bronchitis.
I may even have tuberculosis, though it has not been confirmed.

The good news: The constant coughing is helping my Ab Revolution Resolution. Who knew?

The bad news: My bladder. She's not what she used to be.
At Bible study this morning I drank a bottle of water, a cup of tea, and a cup of coffee.
Then I drove to pick Alex up from school.
Then I had a coughing spasm.
Then I thought that if they were to market a Depends-like product to women who have borne children, had full bladders, and body-racking coughs, I might be interested in purchasing them.
Just a thought.

2) Dear Makers of Ring-Pops,
I don't like your product. They are sticky, awkward to eat, and a big pain in my rear.
Incontinent in Idaho.

Alex asked if she could eat one piece of Valentine's Day candy before quiet time. I agreed. She chose a ring pop.
A blue ring pop no less.

One hour later, she was still sucking on that thing.
Her mouth may be permanently discolored, and that's 30 minutes of quiet time I'm never getting back.

3) This is a cat licking it's private regions:

This is not my cat, though it is my backyard. I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm the kind of person who would see a stray cat doing unmentionable things in my backyard, take a picture of it, and then mention it to you.
Your welcome.

That concludes this episode of Three Things Thursday: Wednesday Edition.

Tune in next week for Four Things Friday: Monday Edition.


Rachel said...

Things not allowed to be eaten "before" anything: suckers, popsicles, or anything that comes in pieces counting more than ten because someone likes to divide them into piles and save them for eons before eating them. I find that slow eating projects are always best saved for "after" said event.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I have to pause my 30 day shred dvd during the jumping jack segment every single time due to bladder issues!!!

Anonymous said...

Have I got a floor show for you.....three cats. Not shy. Interested?

Erin said...

Ahhh yes, there are certain positions I need to be in if I'm going to sneeze or cough nowadays.

A good reason not to have any more ;)

The Passionate Housewife said...


I may or may not have needed the aforementioned bladder product for women while reading this post.

It may or may not have been essential during my laughing fit considering my very abused bladder was abnormally full (a glass of water)

I cannot relate at all to your plight with sticky pops as my children are never allowed candy of any sort except for on NON holidays and weekends and days ending in y.

thank you,
soggy in canada