Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Abraham is not good for my uterus.

So today is Wednesday, the day of my Bible study.
We are doing the Beth Moore series on the Patriarchs.

There are some great ladies, Derek has fun at the childcare, there are yummy snacks and tea.
The only problem: My uterus.

I like to consider it retired. It produced two children that are relatively normal.
If normal includes the need to wear a princess dress and fairy wings every day.

And an obsession about three specific "aminals" without whom the earth would cease to spin.

However, this group of women at Bible study is giving my retired uterus some pangs.
New babies are everywhere.

Today I sat behind a girl that was nursing her baby.
When he came out from under the hooter hider, he had that sleepy-drunk look I remember so well. His cheek was flushed and he let out the sweetest wet burp as soon as he was propped on his mama's shoulder.
His head looked so soft.
To my left was baby Cora, all snugly sleeping on her mama.
Behind me little Mirabella was being rocked in her mother's arms.
Crista was sitting at the table, with her cute pregnant belly.

Abraham is not good for my uterus.

But I have a saving grace.
Last night, for the first time ever, my monitor picked up the neighbor's frequency. At 3:15am I heard the soft mewing of their new baby girl. At first I had assumed I was hearing Derek, but as the little cries persisted I could tell that it was definitely not him.
And for a second I remembered the torture that is sleep deprivation.
And it all came flooding back. The morning sickness, the fatness, the fussy evening times, never getting to sit down and eat dinner, being tied down with napping schedules, the hemorrhoids.
Sorry, too much info?
Just keeping it real.

I think God knew that I needed that 3:15 wake-up call before the full-on reproductive onslaught I was subjected to today.



thelumberjackswife said...

Would you believe I had a "moment" like that this week? It only lasted for about 3 hours, but still. Weird.

I think no matter how many kids I have, I will always be sad the baby stage is over.

Well . . . some of the baby stage. Definitely not all of it.

And yes.
I always got hemorrhoids.
You are not alone, my friend.
You are not alone.

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Oh I love babies. But they always go and turn three. It's very disappointing.

Thanks for visiting my blog today and BONUS! - you left a comment. I love commentors.

Laanykidsmom said...

I get that feeling a lot, but I actually liked being pregnant and having a newborn. But my uterus is retired too; there is nooooo going back.

PS - Hemorrhoids can visit you long after pregnancies are done. FYI.

js said...

Just let us know when you need your baby stuff back.

Erin said...

Unless you catch that frequency every Tuesday night, you are going to have a hard time with the rest of the study!

Of course, you could always mention that we could hear babies crying almost the whole time in the nursery ;)

Jennifer said...

Just do it Erin... Cave in to those desires... ;)

The Taylor's said...

Hi! I know I have never commented, but I found your blog a little while ago and well I love it... My uterus is not retired... It is actually working very hard in growing my peanut right now LOL... We have a two year old and had decided we were done! Well God has a miraculous sence of humor! As far as the TMI I love it! Being pregnant is not all the cuteness and fun that some make it out to be... In fact I agree with the fatness, the exhaustion, and yes the hemorrhoids!~ You are a great mommy and fairy wings are completly normal!

Anonymous said...

Bring it out of retirement.....you know you want to.

The Passionate Housewife said...

I can completely relate to the aching uterus, must be why I have 6 children!

Come on, you know that sweet newborn baby smell and squishy little rag doll body and yummy little pouty lips and melting little cuddles TOTALLY cancels out night waking and round the clock feeding!

SO worth it!!