Thursday, February 4, 2010

Home/Child for Sale

Today Alex and Derek were chatting as they ate lunch.

She told him that when he was four, he could go to Ms Jennifer's class and he would learn how to use the shelf-work.

"Right, Mom?"she asked me.

I decided that I should probably start introducing the idea of moving to her, so I told her that we wont be living in Mountain Home when Derek is 4.

She thought about that for a minute and said,

"Well when we live somewhere else, who is going to be Derek's mommy and take him to Ms Jennifer's class?"

Apparently she though that he'd be staying behind with the house.


thelumberjackswife said...

That must be hard to have to move so often! Poor little guy has to stay with the house :(

Kelly Marie McKee said...

I haven't experienced this first hand, but my brother was an F15E pilot in the USAF and he and his family moved every 3 years--from North Carolina to England to Florida...and beyond. He and his family got to experience some unique places and have very fond memories of their adventures. He just retired from the USAF Reserves this past December. Best of luck...hope you go some place wonderful!

Erin said...

Too funny! I've been getting the kids in moving mode. Today I packed up a bunch of toys that I'm tired of picking up. Now, I don't have to worry about those being out when showing the house. Yeah!

Jen McD said...

She's quick on her toes! That's cute. Although I would suggest packing up Children's House and taking Ms. Jennifer with you - and Don't forget Mrs. Ray, Alex will need her too! Totally not kidding.