Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Busy Day

It has been a busy day for me.

I have to say "for me" at the end of that sentence, because my schedule today would probably be considered a normal day for most people.
However, I personally find that having more than one activity planned in my day is overstimulating.

I'm like an infant that way.

So I did not end up kicking any boxes this morning.
I had forgotten that a women's Bible study was starting up and I wanted to participate. I headed there after dropping Alex off at preschool.
It's a Beth Moore study, and if any of you have ever done one before, you know that it comes with a good amount of daily homework.
I'm hoping that the homework will encourage me to spend my time more wisely. Because I'll tell you a secret:
Sometimes I'm not the best at that.

What with all the television watching, internet browsing, and Oreo consuming I've been doing lately.

Yesterday I went to our church and volunteered my services there once a week, just to do whatever little things need to be done and can be done with a 2-year-old in tow.

They put me to work converting a room into the new Sunday School space for the 4 &5 year olds. I didn't get it quite finished, so after the Bible study I headed there and finished it up.
It was kind of fun to decorate the bulletin boards and arrange the tiny little chairs and tables.
Derek narrarated my every move and I taught him that when decorating, less is more.
No one wants a cluttered bulletin board, right?

I'm a little worried I messed it up.

Then I picked up Alex and headed home for lunch and naps.

Just after the kids went down, Josh came home.
News of the unfortunate: He is sick.

It is probably definitely my fault. As you may recall, I came down with a sinusy-head-coldy-sore-throaty-type-thing the day he came home.
So I had been keeping my distance as far as the whole "making-out" thing was concerned.

I felt a little like Julia Roberts' character in Pretty Woman. You know, the way she, um... entertained...clients while not kissing them.

Sorry. We can just pretend I never said that.

Anyway, we finally decided I was safe to kiss and we made out like teenagers.
Apparently I was not yet clear of germs.

A few things about my husband:
- He is a wonderful spouse
- He is a loving father
- He is great at flying the F-15
- He is incredibly intelligent

But I must share with you that:
- He is a terrible sick person

I would actually prefer that I get sick instead of him.
Unless of course, there is nausea and/or vomiting involved, in which case he can be the sick one.
I hope you feel better soon.
Really I do.
No, really.


Anywho, after he arrived home, I took the opportunity to run some errands while kid-free.
I had to go to the base for a number of reasons, not the least of which was to get some things accomplished at the hospital.

Here is a reinactment of a phone conversation I had the other day with a nurse at the clinic:
Background Info- My thyroid has been eating itself since 2002, which is when I was started on thyroid medication.

Me: Hi, Nurse. I need a refill of my thyroid medication. I know that you will want a recent lab result before refilling my prescription, so I took it upon myself to get that ordered and done last week.

Nurse: Well, if only every patient was as wonderful and proactive as you, my job would be a lot easier.

Okay, she didn't really say that, but I'm sure it's what she was thinking. She actually said something to the effect of: Let me look up the results.

Long, quiet pause.

Nurse: Um. I've never seen this before.

Me: Well that can't be good.

Nurse: It seems that the lab that was ordered wasn't the correct one. This one is for a parathyroid garbldegook.

She had never heard of it before.

Me: Well, is it at least normal?

Nurse: Actually, no.

Me: Hmmm.

Nurse: But it might be normal that it's not normal, for someone who is on thyroid medication.

Me: Well how about you order me up the right test, and if in between now and then you realize that I'm actually dying, give me a jingle.

So today I was going in to get my labs redrawn and get a supply of medicine to get me through until those results are available.

But silly me, it's the first Wednesday of the month.
You know, the day that the hospital closes at noon.

So instead I went to the BX (the base store) and made up for my lack of productivity at the hospital by getting some really good deals on winter apparel for the kids.

Winter Coat w/ Snow Bib for Derek: $9.75

Pink Coat for Alex: $2.50

Super-big pink coat for Alex: $8.25

Alex has only 2 requests when I buy her stuff. She'd like it pink, or pink.
Actually purple is okay too. See?
And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, was My Busy Day.
Still on the docket for tonight: baths, bedtimes, and LOST.

I may need to be placed into a darkened room lest I get so overstimulated that I can't sleep.

And in honor of the beef burgundy we had for dinner tonight, I will say to you all--

Keep it classy, San Francisco.
name that movie.


thelumberjackswife said...

Wowsers! I am tired reading your post. Hope your health is okay!

Erin said...

I hope the next set of labs turn out alright! And, if you want to drop off the kids before heading to base, mine (particularly the one who likes princesses) would be thrilled.

Good to see you at the study. And see, that's another reason to have another baby, you get to slack on the homework :)

DO you know where you are moving next or are you just assuming it'll be cold?

I'm Erin. said...

Erin, no we don't know where our next assignment is, but since I bought all that stuff you can pretty much bet that it will be tropical ;)

I just got it b/c it was 75% off. I'll leave the tags on till we use it just in case...

Jen McD said...

Erin - what if there's all of 4 people who've never seen Pretty Woman that read your blog... it sounds a little more dirtier than the avoiding kissing scheme!

You did have a busy day! Sounds like a good enough reason to stay home the next 4 to balance it all out.

Ps - which bible study are you doing?

Sunk Costs said...

Ahahaha. Her face in that pink coat.

Praying for an all-clear on the lab results.