Sunday, February 28, 2010


I may have mentioned that this past week was a busy one. And now I will prove to you how busy it's been:
I still have yet to watch The Bachelor: The Women Tell All, and all three episodes of American Idol.

Crazy, I tell you.

In addition to getting the house ready to put on the market, Josh and I have started using Rosetta Stone to learn French.
If you could see into our living room in the evening, you'd get a good laugh. The two of us with our laptops spitting out mangled pronunciations of French words.
We did find out that we will get to go to language school! I'm excited about that because of the following reasons:
1) It's in Monterey, California: beaches, warmth, proximity to Disney Land
2) Josh will be getting paid to learn a new language, and I think that's pretty cool
3) I will also get to audit the course if space is available, or the Air Force will pay for a tutor or learning program for me
4) Did I mention the warm weather?

There is a French course starting both mid-July and at the end of Sept, so now you know as much as I do about when we'll be leaving here. We'll wait to hear which one we've been assigned to.

This next week likely wont be slowing down either. I plan to finish the last of the house cleaning & organizing, and make our sale flyer. Then on the weekend we need to power-wash the siding and add some more rocks to the landscaping.  Hopefully we'll have it on the market by Mar 8th. Then comes the fun part of trying to keep it clean around here despite the two little disasters who call this place home.

Can I apologize now for an informative yet completely boring post? I think my writing suffers when I haven't gotten my reality TV fix.
I'll correct that and be back.

Au Revoir
(just say it while pretending to hock a loogie and you'll have it down)


Erin said...

Do you have any Fancy Nancy books for Alex to learn some French?

thelumberjackswife said...

Such exciting things!
I can't compete! :)

Rachel said...

Wahoo! You will, of course, pencil in some time to visit with us whilst in Monterey, then? That is pretty darn close. Like 4 hours :) Whee! Hate to burst your bubble about the warmth of Monterey though...not so warm. Coolish. Though that's probably the warmest time to go.

Jen McD said...

Very exciting! You are one dedicated spouse to put french lessons above reality tv shows. Wishing you gets lots of Disney trips and warm weather to fulfill next winter!!

Heather and Scott said...

Go for Sept and come to Colorado with us!! :)

And California sounds awesome...hope you get to take the class too. What will you do with the kiddos? Do they want to come visit?

Nicole said...

Monterey is not warm crazy girl! like 70s. But it sure is pretty...I've been wasting some great time catching up on a month plus worth of blogging. Now I feel like I can actually call you ;-)