Monday, March 1, 2010

It's a Festivus Miracle!

More than one room in my house is clean at the same time.



Unfortunately, my back is paying the price for my decision to clean all of the baseboards in the same day.  I'll be back soon with close-ups of every baseboard in the house.
Don't pretend you aren't excited.


Mom's Coffee Time said...

Nice pictures, I give you great credit for having alot of white in the house. My boys (12 & 8) just did the base boards in the house on saturday. Saves on the back. They were complaining about just having to do dishes the night before so my husband got them up saturday morning at 5:30 and had them clean most of the house. Can you tell my husband is from the military? :) If they're going to complain about just the dishes, we'll really give them something to complain about. It's nice to have a clean house today. Looking forward toyour pictures :)

thelumberjackswife said...

Looks lovely! And I think it is time for spring cleaning in my neck of the woods.

No. I have not done abs since the 18th.

Are you mad with me?

mikeandmelissafisher said...

Who did you buy your house from? It looks like the same layout as our friends the Hochstetlers that used to live there (then again, same neighborhood, so that shouldn't be surprising).

I make my kids clean the baseboards. Try giving the kids a wet rag...it's amazing what gets clean!

Grandma said...

So what did you do with my babies? They're missing from this house.

Andi said...

I. Love. Seinfeld. And I love that episode...

I wandered over here from the Lumberjack's wife, and found you too funny!

I hate moving. We've done it 4 times now. I pray we never have to do it again, but it is great to have to rely on each other so much. I know our marriage is stronger for it...And no, my hubby is NOT in the military!

Oh, and I remember when my house used to be clean like that...It was just before we moved all of our furniture in!

Erin said...

And, how does your house look now? Who are you listing with?

I'm Erin. said...

Melissa, I can't remember their names but it wasn't your friends.

Erin, it looks...not as nice.
Actually, fairly bad.
We're listing with J & E Schore & Co.
They're great, you should try them. ;)

Christina said...

Um, can you please come to my house?
But no kids are allowed in the tub, okay? :)

The Passionate Housewife said...

So how long did it stay like this?

32.4 seconds?

Well, it looks great!
Love the punch of red in your living room..very pretty!