Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

My husband just left the house with that other woman again.

See? All ready for their spring break lunch and movie date.

Alex is sporting her favorite tinkerbell necklace and pink Coach* bag full of bangle bracelets and chapstick. Date essentials.

*bag is from Korea, draw your own conclusions

Derek has such a sweet little heart. He was so thrilled for his sister's opportunity to spend some time alone with Daddy out on the town.
He just had a hard time expressing that sentiment as they were pulling away.

Yes, he's been in his pj's all day. Even when I took him to the gym with me.

Do you ever get to the gym and realize that you're just not feeling it that day? Then drop out of kickboxing class and sneak the kids out the back stairwell so that the rest of the sweating class doesn't see you leave?

Yeah, me neither.
Just curious.

Anyway, Derek didn't get the privilege of attending the movie because he didn't nap yesterday and we've come to the realization that if we want the boy to live to see age 3, we should let him nap.
He gets incredibly clumsy when he's overtired.

Yesterday we went to Boise and the kids got to play at an indoor play place there. It's very nice, with a climbing gym, slides, craft area, dress-up clothes, rock wall, toys, etc.

Oh and comfy couches, free wi-fi, and a coffee bar for the parents.

Derek was in choo-choo heaven.

As was this friendly dinosaur playmate.

Alex and Derek both loved playing in the fake snow, which I was told was made up of the material inside of disposable diapers. You know, the stuff that pulls the "liquid" into the diaper. Those crystally-thingies.

Of course, I was told that by a couple of 8-year-olds so who knows if it's really true. But the stuff did feel kind of neat to squish in your hands.

Then my germophobe self took over and I had to go and sanitize.

Derek was looking at these pictures with me. When he saw this one he said, "I few opp dat table momma."

Yes. Yes you did son.
Josh and I both happened to be watching our (overtired) son play there when we saw him reach behind himself for the craft cart that he obviously felt was within reaching distance.
It was not.
He lost his balance.

I'm still not certain how he managed it, but he landed directly on the top of his head, and then used his face to cushion the rest of his fall.
Onto tile flooring.

I was certain that he was very hurt, and in my rush to grab him I slipped on some discarded costume and fell as well.
We were quite the combo, that boy and I.

Turns out he barely cried and just wanted me to put him down to see the choo-choos.
Meanwhile, I'm wishing he would have cried a bit more so I could have justified the rush I was in to pick him up and thereby making my tumble seem more reasonable.

Speaking of adults falling, remind me sometime to share with you the incident entitled:
PtB and Salt Vs. Chick-Fil-A
It's a hoot.

Also a hoot:
PtB and the "walk" to the baby pool

Honestly, I'm not sure how I've managed not to tell you about these incidents yet. I will correct that soon.

Oh, but before we went to play we enjoyed lunch together. Josh was getting a bit jealous of all the sushi that I'd been eating lately so we headed back to my favorite lunch spot.

Alex tried a bite of sushi but was not a big fan. The kids stuck with rice.

Here's the boy using chopsticks.

Or maybe not.

This last photo will serve as your French Lesson of the Day:
Le garcon mange du riz. 

You now have about the same handle on the French language as I do.

Also, here's another pop quiz for you:
Can any of you tell me why husband and I cannot say the number 19 in French without laughing?
The number is written: dix-neuf

hint: It will help if you were in jr high or high school in the 1990's.

Go here and click on the blue arrow to hear it pronounced.

That is all, you may now return to your daily activities.


thelumberjackswife said...

First of all, the arrow was blue, not green.
I wish you weren't such a liar.
Second of all, I don't even go to any sort of gym, so there you go.
Third of all, sushi is nasty wrong.
Fourth of all, I have no idea why your husband thinks that is funny. But, I am super clueless with lots of things.
Fifth of all, how to you get your husband to look happy and well-adjusted in your photos?

That's all.
Now I will resume my daily activities.

Au Revoir.

I'm Erin. said...

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor

I wrote blue, not green.
I wish you weren't so illiterate.


Anonymous said...

Bwah ha ha ha ha!!! My new favorite number is nineteen. Love it. Also, I love sushi and can eat it again in about 7 weeks. I can have that and wine, caffeine, lunchmeat, margaritas...
Miss you!

Anonymous said...

You missed a great one this weekend: PTB vs Dog water, ending in the splits.


Erin said...

Sneaking out of a gym? Try sneaking out of a Bible Study.....