Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Break

I have a few thoughts on Spring Break.

1) Rainy days with temperatures in the 50's don't feel very springy to me. Yet, that's what's on the forecast for this coming week.

So then I thought I would check the temperature in Bagotville (heehee), Quebec just for kicks.

May I have your attention please.
The weather forecast for tomorrow, March 26th in Bagotville (heehee) is:

High of 16
Low of 1

That would be degrees of Fahrenheit people.
Excuse me while I pee my pants.
I have to get it out of my system now, because if I wait to pee my pants until I am in Quebec, it might freeze to my legs.

Okay, I have composed myself.
A perusal of the 10 day forecast there shows that tomorrow is an anomaly. The last day of the 10-day outlook shows a high of 52 and a low of 33.
That's a bit more palatable.

2) Josh has taken time off of work starting tomorrow, because we thought that we might take a trip or do something fun. Then we put our house on the market for sale by owner and realized that maybe we can't just take off. So instead we will hang out and...well I don't know what we'll do but surely we'll think of something. In no way will it involve refereeing between our children because our angels get along beautifully with nary a "Mine!" to be heard. Didn't you know?

3) If it really were a spring "break" then Alex would still have school. Because she is not the one who needs the break. She goes to school and does crafts and has snacks and gets excited about being the letter helper.
 But I guess Alex times 20 would explain why Ms Jennifer and Ms McCall might need a spring break.

I think that is all of the thoughts I have on spring break.

Oh, except to say that I've seen too many commercials for Girls Gone Wild to ever even consider letting my children go to Cancun for spring break.
In their lives.
Like, even when they're in college.
Or I will withhold every last cent from their college savings plans*.
And I mean that.

*Derek might not have any money in his anyway, as I deduct the cost of each fresh diaper that her turns around and poops in within 2 minutes of getting it on. He does that often.

Moving onto brighter topics:

Tomorrow is My Day.

In honor of the anniversary of my escape from the cramped womb of my mother some 20 (plus 11) years ago that will be marked sometime this weekend, I will be delighting in a day all to myself.

A day to celebrate me. For me, and by me.


The world  local area is my oyster folks.
I haven't quite nailed down what I plan to do, but I do know that it will involve me.
And no one else.
And that it shall not end until 7:30pm at the very earliest, when I might decided to come home and enjoy the company of my husband after and only after the children have been put to bed.

Oh the possibilities.

I think I will buy myself some new bras. Because I need them. And the girls deserve them. I mean, they put in 26 months of hard labor during their productive years and I need to reward them with the lift and support they deserve.

Also, many hours in the bookstore. Yes, definitely.
Maybe I'll purchase a new book to enjoy while I dine alone on whatever it is that sounds good to me.

This day is sounding so good, it's almost worth getting older.
Thanks for spoiling me Josh :)

The Older Woman


thelumberjackswife said...

Happy Birthday! I can't believe how cold Quebec is. :( It's a good thing you bought umpteen prams.
Are you excited about moving?

Jamie said...

Happy birthday, Erin! I hope you enjoy your day!

Trey and Mel's Piece of the Net! said...

I have turned into such a wuss since moving to Texas that I even get cold thinking about the temperatures in Quebec!

About the diapers....Funny thing happened today, well not really funny, but whatever. I was changing Matthews poopy diaper when he decided that he needed to pee, everywhere! So I cleaned him up again and put new diaper #2 under his bum when he suddenly felt the need to poop, again. Out comes new diaper #3. He decided to crawl away while I was getting diaper #3 and I figured, what the heck, he's already pee'd and pooped. I let him get away. Suddenly he stopped, grinned at me, dropped a big turd on the carpet and busted out laughing as he scrambled his poopy little butt away from me! I had to use new diaper #3 to pick it up so by the time he was cleaned up and ready to go, about a 5 minute span, he was sitting comfortably in diaper #4! Sometimes I think I should just let him play naked in the yard!

Jennifer said...

Gasp! Are you OLDER than Josh? Oh my! He he he!! ;) Have a wonderful day to YOURSELF to celebrate!! :)

Christina said...

I just got new bras. I've tried several places and I finally went to Target's girls section. Can you even believe that? I am so down about where I bought them that I haven't tried them on yet. I'm afraid they'll be too big.
I wish you success on your mission, and a great deal of peace and quiet on your day!

Karen said...

Oh, yes. I remember the cold, cold winters (and springs, and falls) in Canada. Fortunately it is a cold distance memory as I now enjoy the winters(?) in San Antonio. It makes the hot, hot summers worth it.

The Passionate Housewife said...

HaPPy BiRThdAy!... tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!