Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Alex, come up for air.

This conversation took about 3 minutes. I said less than 10 words, and did some nodding.

"Mommy, did you see that I made my bed while I was in quiet time?
Can we move the flower pot back to my window now? It gets good sun there in my window.
Can I have juiceandasnackandashow? What are you getting me mommy? What kind of snack is that? Is it yogurt raisins? Why do they call it yogurt raisins mommy? There's no yogurt. Just the white stuff and a raisin in it.
No mommy, yogurt is wet and that's not wet.
Can I have juice? Can you fill it all the way up to the top? How come you put water in my juice mommy? Is it because it's better for my teeth that way? When do I get to go back to the dentist? Are they going to squirt the water? I don't like that part. If I don't brush my teeth good can I go back to the dentist quicker?
When is Zoe's birthday party? What does Thursday mean? How many more days is that? What are we going to bring for her present? Why is her party at the ice cream place? Derek can't go, it's just for girls.
(Note to self-- figure out what I'm going to do with Derek)
Mommy do you like the way I changed into my monkey jammies all by myself? I didn't like that sweater. It was itchy. And jeans hurt my belly button. They're not comfy. But my monkey jammies are warm. They are good for a cold day like today.
When can we go to the dollar store and use the dollars Mimi sent us?
She sent it a long time ago and you keep saying that and we never go.
What does soon mean mommy?
My show's on!"

Mommy wants to change her name.


thelumberjackswife said...

Bad News: My daughter turns 6 this month and she still does this.

Mom's Coffee Time said...

Although it seems crazy, cheerish these times for they fly by fast!!

Erin said...

Mine does the same. She used to talk my ear off when she rode in the cart at the grocery store. 1st time I moved Elisha up and she walked, it was too quiet. I actually missed it.

Now, I don't really answer until there is a pause, at which point I ask her to repeat her question again. I know, bad mommy.

Grandma said...

You're lucky. I miss my princess and the talks "we" had sooooo much.

Jen McD said...

I can only chuckle! I have to pull teeth to get Cole to tell me what he ate for lunch (and I already know, but it's the only question he'll answer) Wait a sec... maybe I'm an Alex????

The Taylor's said...

My daughter used to say Mommy Mommy Mommy Mommy... I would turn around and say yes? And she would just smile... I would turn back around and we would start all over again... I would look at her finally and tell her I was going to change my name to supercalafragalisticexpalidocious! She would give me this confused look then smile...And when I would turn back around we started all over again...

Sunk Costs said...

Hee hee. What does Thursday mean.