Friday, March 19, 2010

News of the Boring

I, the boring, have no news.
But I will not let that stop me from sharing the mundane details of my life with you.

1) Yesterday when I picked this girl up from preschool...

... she and Lily were back to being friends. And not at the expense of Sophia. So all is right with the playground world.

Oh, and I did change the girls' names. I didn't want fake-Lily's mom to read it and feel badly.

Not that fake-Lily's mom reads my blog.

I mean, I don't know why she wouldn't read it. It's obviously awesome.

Like when I shared with you all about my history of gastrointestinal distress when I dine at my favorite restaurant in the world.
Or when I confessed to my totally inappropriate parenting moment in which I unkindly and bluntly informed my 4 year old how she made her entrance into this world.
Or maybe when I got all intimate with you and shared that my period was going to interefere with our homecoming sex when Josh was coming back from his deployment. 

Now that I think of it, maybe the question isn't why fake-Lily's mom doesn't read my blog, but why exactly anyone does read it? 
Hmmm. Food for thought.

2) This boy...
...has decided all of a sudden to cry when I leave him anywhere. Even places that he loves, like the gym.
Let's hope it's a short phase. He does stop crying soon after I leave, I just thought we were through with that phase.

I mean, since he's driving on his own now I thought he'd matured a bit.

And he's even shown a recent interest in getting a job as a babysitter.
Practice makes perfect.

Note: He needs to work on slowing down with the stroller. Holly Dolly took a flying leap forward when he hit a bump.

Not unlike a similar experience I once had when pushing Alex through the airport as a baby.

But she turned out okay.

I think.

3) What was I numbering anyway? Oh yes, boring news.
Nothing doing on the house-selling front.
Send us good vibes.
Or a buyer.
I'll take either.
But would prefer a buyer.

4) We've been having some spring-ish weather. Yea!

5) Do you ever know that your 2 year old is getting into the toothpaste, but he's playing so nicely and quietly that you just let him?
I think I should go now.


The Taylor's said...

O my Gosh she said SEX and PERIOD! LOL... Your blog is awesome!~
A Random Person who reads it...

Erin said...

Sounds like Elisha, except he makes me chase him around the foyer before dropping him off and then body slams himself into the door when I leave.

The Passionate Housewife said...


You ALWAYS make me laugh!

I will have to read your other stories that you linked up, but right now my toddler is playing nicely and quietly and I am thinking that you are right I should probably check to see what she is up too. :)

Karen said...

My husband is back for 10 days and while we were getting "reacquainted" upstairs, it was awfully quiet downstairs. We almost went to check when the yelling started and we knew everything was ok!!