Saturday, March 27, 2010


Nope, I'm not warming up my singing voice, I'm wallowing in narcissism.

As I type, I have recently walked in the door from my surprise one hour massage that Josh scheduled for me, that he happened to schedule to coincide with a birthday party that he has taken the kids to all by himself. Now I get to relax from my relaxation all alone.

(I would have joined them at the party, but I'm a total grease-ball from my rubdown. And I like to be home alone.)

So. The massage = fabulous. I recommend the new gal over at Reflections for all you locals. As a matter of fact, I have a referral card good for 50% off a massage with her if any of you want to claim it from me.

This has been a public service announcement. We will now continue with our regular programming.

This morning I was woken up by my three favorite people singing me happy birthday and carrying in a piece of cake.
You would have to know how deep my sweet tooth runs to appreciate the fact that cake is good to me no matter what time it is.
And maybe it's even better when you've just slept in until 9 o'clock.

Then we had a relaxing Saturday until I realized that I really needed to get out the door to get to my massage and oops, I had forgotten to wrap the present for the birthday party and lay out clothes for the kids to wear.
So hopefully Daddy managed those things okay.

And now we shall discuss: Yesterday.
Yesterday was my me-day in Boise. And it was divine.

I shopped, I ate, I browsed, I read, I meandered.
I did not, however, stay out until the kids were in bed.

Creepy little boogers. I started to miss them and think that I probably needed some hugs before bedtime so I came home in time to see them.
I'm a sucker.

Look, I brought my little camera along with me so I could share my me-day with you!
Aren't you super excited??!!

Well pretend then. It is my birthday after all. Geesh.

Here I am leaving the house.

Note to self: Reintroduce eyebrows to tweezers. It has been too long.

And here I am in the dressing room at Ross. Or maybe Marshall's. Or possibly TJ Maxx. I get them all confused.

Take home lesson from this dressing room experience: It might not be the bras. I might just really really need a boob job.

Then after a while I ate some lunch. I chose the Macaroni Grill because I hadn't eaten there in years and I happened to pass by it as I realized that I was very hungry.
The food was delish, if not a bit overpriced. 

I got the shrimp something-or-other and...yum. It was good.
I also got the mango tea. 

Also yum. I asked for a cup to go. Did you know that you can do that? Me either, until my friend told me all about it.
This is what you do:
"Excuse me garcon, might I have some of that lovely mango tea in a to-go cup please?"


Short story long: After I had received my (dining-in) drink (not to be confused with my to-go drink) and placed my order, I needed to use the facilities. And so I did.
And then when I returned to where I thought my table had been, I see nothing. No mango tea. No bread that the waiter was supposed to be bringing.

Alas, I am confused. Am I in the wrong spot?
No. I am not.
It turns out that the busboy had thought that whoever was seated there was finished eating and so he had cleared everything away.

It's a danger of dining alone, I suppose.
You can't use the restroom or everyone will think you've left.

Don't worry, we got it all sorted out.
I'm sure you were very concerned for me.

Then my tea and I headed for the mall.

I realize that this is not my most attractive angle, but I wanted to get a picture with the Easter Bunny.
Yes, other people thought I was weird.

They are right. Um, hello?

Good news! I found bras at Victoria's Secret.
They have a new Sexy T-Shirt Push Up line that I hadn't seen before. And since I spend most of my life in t-shirts, I thought it would be an appropriate choice.
Does this mean that my t-shirts will become sexy?

Hmmmm. I'll ponder that one.
But I was happy because after about 2 years (literally) of complaining about my bras, I can shut up about it already. And I had a gift card that PTB had given me for Christmas.
Thanks PTB!

Did you guys know that Pat the Bunny has embraced her nickname? She even signed my birthday card with it. I love being a trend-setter. (I must be where he gets it from.)

So my day was good, my weekend's been good. In the words of the MC Hammer attempt at a come-back: It's all good.


Erin said...

Happy Birthday! You are inspiring me to have a "me day" in 9 or so months.

What did you do while you were eating: people watch or read?

Kelly Marie McKee said...

Happy Birthday!

MMm&m said...

I am so glad you had a good weekend.....and it's not even over yet! Watcha gonna do tomorrow???

Happy Birthday, friend!

Christina said...

I'm a little scared. I really think that our brains are connected somehow. I just posted an eerily similar post (with a picture of me in my car, commenting on my wrinkles).
I'm glad you had a good birthday experience!
I would have asked for more bread to go, too. Did you? You totally can do that as well.

thelumberjackswife said...

Oh, man! I would have loved to see a grown woman alone in a mall trying to take a picture of herself with the Easter Bunny!


Too bad Idaho is so darn long. We could have taken each other's pictures by that bunny.

Oh, well.

And by the way, shrimp is yucky. Didn't you know that?

Anonymous said...

So glad yo had a nice day. I do wish that I could have been with you. As grown up as you are you will always be my little girl.

Happy Birth day

Sunk Costs said...

I won't lie, friend. I am highly confused about how somebody, particularly somebody YOUR AGE, doesn't know about to-go drinks. Like, you didn't even know they were a thing? Never seen a single styrofoam cup with a lid in any sit-down restaurant? Ever? I just. ::head scratch::

Just kidding about the age part... : )

I hope you had a magnificent Erin Day 2010.