Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Review

My cuticles may never recover from this past weekend.

Remember our goal of getting our house on the market by today? We'll we've done it. Barely.
This weekend we filled in the landscaping with some more rocks, power-washed the siding, cleaned out the garage, took a load of stuff to the dump, and donated a bunch of items.

Oh, and by "we" I mostly mean Josh.

Don't judge, I was busy scouring showers, tubs, and baseboards until my hand had become one with the magic eraser.

See? Look at our clean garage.


I've never lived in an area where 3-car garages are the norm. These Idaho garages are on steroids. 
I'm fairly confident that the first duplex Josh and I rented in Texas had less square footage than this garage. 
It's been nice. I'm sure I'll miss it when I'm scraping my windows in Quebec. 

Dear Canadian Forces Base Bagotville, 
Please let your base housing have garages, as it is very cold there and snows a lot. Excuse me if I'm stating the obvious.
Thank you, 
Spoiled in Idaho

The good news about this work-filled weekend was the weather was beautiful! It was so good to be able to let the kids run around without coats on.
There is just something that seems right about kids running around outside after a cold winter. I heart spring.

Daddy was launching air balloons at them. He looks a little devious don't you think?

He was trying to hit me with one.

He missed.
And yes, the Schore's do go outside in pajama pants.
It's what the cool kids are doing.

Ready to catch!
Excited Boy:

Look, I'm in a picture! See me waving?
I'm very tall, though somewhat out of proportion.

And that's all I've got for you folks. I now need to go and figure out how to do something I've never accomplished before.
Keep my house clean.
Every day.

Is it even possible??


thelumberjackswife said...

Good luck! Love the pajama pants1

Jen McD said...

Best wishes!! The house looks beautiful. I'm positive it won't be on the market for long!

MMm&m said...

Your shadow looks like the lady from Aliens vs. Monsters...We haven't seen that yet, but Maegan got a toy in a kids meal or something of her and she had cars on her feet....She will forever be known in our house as "Car Lady". I won't tell Maegan about that picture or she'll probably call you that too.

Sorry for the long comment....I'm just really glad to find your blog!

Kelly Marie McKee said...

I so love your blog. You make me smile or laugh EVERY time I read it. :)

Congrats on getting the house on the market! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm ok with the pajama pants, I do it all the time..........but what did I tell you about Derek's shirt? And now you have it paired with gray sweats??? Really, you are training the boy to love Ohio State. Do Jess and I need to start shipping more Michigan supplies? I know we are having a couple of bad years, but show some pride.


Erin said...

Alright, now you are competition!