Thursday, March 11, 2010

Excessive much?

Once when we lived in Texas (did you know we lived in Texas? We did. For about 5 years.) I was shopping at the mall.

Aside: I used to complain about the size of that mall. Then at our next assignment the mall was even smaller. Now here in Mountain Home, the mall is non-existent. I don't complain about mall sizes anymore.

Anywho, I was browsing in the kid's section at JC Penney's and saw that their Carter's sleepsacks were on a super-clearance for under $3.00. We only had Alex at the time, but we used sleepsacks with her and quite liked them. So I bought a couple for her, and then I grabbed a few extras to use as baby gifts.

Well, my friends back there in Texas were gettin' it on like you wouldn't believe, because babies were just coming out of the woodwork. In no time at all, my little stash of sleepsacks was gone and I found myself wishing I had bought more that day in Penney's.

Fast forward to today.
(Picture a mental map of the US with a dotted line from Texas to North Carolina to Idaho.)

I was in the Wal-Marts. It's more fun if you say it that way, you know. So I was in the Wal-Marts wondering why I ever complained about the mall in Texas, and passed by a rack of Carters' baby prams.
You know, the warm one-piece-snow-suit-type-thing with the little hole in it for the car seat strap.
Everyone say it with me now, it's a P-R-A-M.

Don't say you never learned anything on my blog.

Ladies and germs, these were soft. And thick. And nice. And 90% off.
Yes, I said 90.
As in nine-zero. Ninety.
Original price: $20.
Erin price: $2.

Aren't they cute?

Now you may not know this if you live under a rock, or never read my blog, but we're going to be living in Quebec. Northern Quebec. 
It is very cold there. 
But from my understanding, people there still have sex. 
(This is my husband's understanding as well, or else he would not be accepting this assignment.)
And sex means babies. 
And babies + cold=P-R-A-M

And so began the internal struggle. I had to weigh the lesson learned in Texas and my general love of a good deal against the fact that we are trying to sell our house & I just cleaned out closets, I don't know a single soul in Bagotville (hee hee, and what if Canadians are anti-pram anyway?), and the fact that we will be moving 3 times in the next year.
(Bring back the map, add dotted line from Idaho to California to Alberta to Quebec.) 

If you could do that, allow me to applaud your geography skills.
(To my sister Corie: It's okay, you're still my favorite and only sister.)

Are you still with me?
Good, I thought I might have lost you with all of my parentheses.

So what's your guess? Did I stop at a rational couple of prams?


Nay I did not.

I am Erin. I do not let rational thinking defeat me.
 Get ready for a trip prams. You're about to get your passports stamped.


TAMMY said...

LOL! Those are adorable! My husband would have killed me for buying anything we didn't NEED when we were getting ready to move. Great buy though and glad to know about the prams. I'm a southern girl so you taught me something today! ;)

Jessica said...

Hahahahahahaha. I was expecting you to have bought a lot, but that picture of them all fanned out is just ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

(name that song)

You have a problem.
That is ridiculous!!!!!!!
Are you planning on birthing sextuplets while in Quebec?


And a pram is the British word for stroller.
Not the thing you bought too many of at the Wal-Marts.
Taylor Mal-i-blah-blah: 1
Erin Schore: 0

Taylor Mal-i-blah-blah out!

Erin said...

Ha! So you're the one cleaning out the clearance racks there. No wonder I never find anything.

Oh, and as we learned when we were at Lakenheath, Pram is a stroller. I have no idea what you are talking about ;)

I'm Erin. said...

Oh it's on Taylor.
You may give yourself half a point for identifying a *second* definition for the word P-R-A-M.
As you will see here on wikipedia, which as we all know is never wrong, P-R-A-M is indeed an outdoor bunting as well.

And if that isn't proof enough, I suggest you consult the picture of the tag on my blog, which clearly identifies said attire as "Pram".
Not only that, but satisfaction is guaranteed.

And I also suggest that one whole point should be deducted from you for smearing my good name.
Taylor Mal-i-blah-blah: -0.5
Erin Schore: 1

ps- Baby got Back

mikeandmelissafisher said...

Haha! I'd make fun of you too, but the truth is I'm jealous that I didn't find that deal! I would have bought just as many. I did the same thing before we left the states (stocking up on baby gifts). Then I did the same thing leaving Japan...now I just have a plethora of random (but useful!) gifts.

You have a fun year ahead of you :) I'm excited for you! Except the cold. Not jealous of the cooooooooooold.......

Grandma said...

Be careful. Jess may feel sorry for you and decide to provide a reason to gift one or two of your prams. But she has loans.

YOu, however, are ready to fill that void in your life that a sweet, tiny pram wearer would provide.

Jessica said...

PTB is right. My first instinct was "ooh, those are so cute, I have to claim one before she gives them all away"

Anonymous said...

Exsqueeze me? Baking powder?
(Name that movie)
I will awknowledge your inferior definition, but not before awarding myself extra points for winning with the most legitimate definition.
Have you ever heard of
Much more reliable than this Wikipedia you speak of.
I don't mean to be a name dropper, but ever heard of one Sir Webster?
Oh, yes.
He's got my back on this one.
Pram is defined as a baby carriage.
Related words:baby buggy, baby carriage, carriage, go-cart, perambulator
Interruption: What in tarnation is a perambulator?
Any-who . . .
Another definition of a pram is a flat bottomed vessel.
Nowhere, I repeat, no where does it definite it as that thingie, nay thingies, you bought from the Walmarts.
I understand and recognize your confusion, since the tag led you astray.
But, I am going to have to deny you your generous giving of yourself points. I am keeping my original point, because I can. I am also awarding myself with an extra point for using the more accurate source and another point for coming up with the flat bottomed boat definition and yet another point for my sheer awesomeness.
Oh, and I did not smear your good name.
Au contraire (you should know that one Miss Rosetta Stone), I have linked your blog to mine many a time.
I don't smear your good name.
I share it.
Taylor Mal-i-blah-blah: 4
Erin Schore:1
I am letting you keep your meager point, merely out of pity.
Peace out, dude.
Peace out.

I'm Erin. said...

I concede defeat.
But only because I have to take my daughter to a birthday party and haven't the time to collect more sources.

You win this time LJW. Enjoy it, it wont happen again.

ps Wayne's World

Laanykidsmom said...

I haven't laughed at a post this hard in a while. First of all, this: "But from my understanding, people there still have sex.
(This is my husband's understanding as well, or else he would not be accepting this assignment.)"
Then this: "Nay I did not." WITH a picture of the pinks and blues neatly alternating and fanned out. Oh! My!
But I am greatly impressed with your mad clearance shopping skills.

MMm&m said...

P-HAH HA HA HA HA!!!!!! You should be ashamed....you KNOW us preggo women are at all times precariously teetering on the tee-tee-in-our-preggo-pants ledge. And you just pushed me a LITTLE closer. There are little pebbles falling off said ledge.

Not really, but almost.

And BTW - I scared my child with my outburst of laughter toward the end of that jem of a post.

I will PAY you for one of those pink prams. :)

Jen McD said...

I thought a pram was a stroller too. Anyway, I laughed at your stash. Please tell me that at least ONE of them will be for you ;-)

Mom's Coffee Time said...

Your blog is too cute, just as if we're on the phone to eachother :) My 5yr old daughter loves the....what are they called PRAMS? At first she thought it was something she could have of her own. Anyways, cute blog and I can tell it made Erin really happy :) Keep having fun!! Blessings! ~Amy

Karen said...

Too funny!! Hopefully your future friends will oblige you with the correct number of boy and girl babies. and BTW, you and LJW are a riot!!

The Passionate Housewife said...

Oh maybe, just maybe the underlying reason for the impulse excessive buying would be a small flicker of desire for a cute little baby lump to dress up in said "PRAM"

huh? maybe? Seriously, what else are you going to do to keep warm when you come to this VERY cold country?!

Its what we do round these here parts...make lots of cute babies and prevent hypothermia.

Joyce said...

Oh my gosh this is hysterical.

I'm thinking Quebec is bitterly cold in the winter and nobody wants to be outside=lots of babies. You'll be all set!

aka the Mom said...

Very cute blog. Very cute commenters. I love it. I'll be back.