Thursday, April 1, 2010

Surely one.

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

Guess we'll be adding a Canadian to our family.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be back in about 16 weeks when I can pull my head out of the toilet.


Surely one of you fell for that, right?
Pat the Bunny?
Dang April Fools Day.
All that pressure to come up with a joke and this was the best I could do.

Happy April,
Without a Wombmate in Idaho.


Jennifer said...

Ok, you're the second "preggo" to announce today! Stinker! I believed yours since the timing actually works out. Oh but wait, you were on your period when he... Sheesh I know too much about you! Ha ha ha!! Anyway, I'm sure you guys will have plenty of time for babymaking in the cold ;)

Anonymous said...

Hee hee. :)
PS-great minds think alike. :)

Anonymous said...

That will be confusing, but before I edited my post, that would have made sense. :)

Karen said...

I'm pitiful--I fell for it!

Erin said...

Oh man!!! For a second there I thought I could finally give you back your swing. What do you want me to do with it? Cora never liked it because of her whole positional reflux issues.

Grandma said...

You are so mean.

Anonymous said...

Not funny
Cindy called me as soon as she read the first lines, she was excited,

excited was not my first thought.

Love you


Trey and Mel's Piece of the Net! said...

Meanie! I must be a sucker because I fell for it!

Rachel said...

Um, I fell for it. Until I got to the bottom to to leave an excited comment of hooray and then there was the, waaah-waaah. Duh. I'm a dope. There, you fooled me. Stupid, me. ;)

Christina said...

That was too funny!
I totally fell for it. And I've even used that one before. Good one.

Heather and Scott said...

I had that bittersweet feeling for you just now...happy for you, anxious for you, and wondering why I didn't get a call from you. :) That was a good one.

Jen McD said...

..... But where did you get the picture????

not giving up hope!!