Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tick Tock

As I type, we are half way into our open house and all we have to show for it is a very clean house.
And a plate full of cookies.

I've given some thought to standing nude in the kitchen, because that seems to bring people to my door, but decided against it.
For now.

To add to the stress of not having any action on the house, we found out on Friday that we are supposed to be in North Carolina no later than June 15th.

As in, 8 weeks and 2 days from now.

And while 8 weeks would feel like forever if we were waiting for Josh to return from a deployment, it is not so long when we think of needing to sell the house, pack up, drive across the country, find a place to live, and settle into a new home.
Matter of fact, it seems like no time at all.

But let's focus on the positive for now.
The weather this weekend has been gorgeous-- 70's and sunny. Perfect!
Yesterday we spent lots of time outside enjoying it.

The kids were my big helpers with their water guns-- watering the newly potted plant as well as exterminating little spiders they found on the siding.

 ps- Laura if you recognize that pot as one that belongs to you, it's because while you were sunning yourself on the beaches of Hawaii, I was stealing your pots out of your garage.

Josh studied while keeping the little squirters at bay. He's a multitasker.

Then he ran out to pick us up some Thai food.
Did you know that Mountain Home has a Thai restaurant? I didn't.
Maybe because it's not technically a restaurant.
No, I think to be accurate you would describe it as some kind of a trailer. Maybe a mobile home.
However, we are still alive and kicking and we even had some leftovers for lunch today.

Now we're just hoping that none of us needs to make any extended trips to the, um, facilities after our meal from the RV. Because you know that if anybody did decide to come check out the house, it would be right then.

But it's not looking like that's going to be a problem.

Are you sick of hearing about my housing woes?
Me too.
But just suck it up because you're going to keep hearing about them until I tell you otherwise.

And with that, I bid you happy Sunday.


Jen McD said...

They will come!! Sorry about the open house. I can't believe that realtors didn't even show up. Even if the lead a buyer to your house that make $$$ from their closing costs. It may be some kind of inner reality mafia. Probably.

8 weeks is fast! You know what that means..... See you soon!!!

Erin said...

Hopefully someone showed! At least you have a plate of sugar cookies to mull over your next step. Not as good as dough though.

Christina said...

Dude! Misery loves company. I'm all ears.
What I like about this post...
-your idea for luring viewers to the door.
-your "p.s."
-that your husband is sitting there with a (water) gun trained at his children
-restaurant/mobile home
-prediction for potty needs/visitors; highly likely, but hope you were very wrong.

Elaine said...

I hope you guys get an offer soon!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain, baby.
We, too, our having house woes of our own.

I hope someone knocks on your door tomorrow, and of course you will be fully clothes, and I hope that they offer you full price + 10 grand for your pain and suffering.

Laanykidsmom said...

Good luck with the house. Hopefully the market is better there than in MI. And your previous post about being nekked and cookies and Erin knocking on the door, well that is even better than the one about you buying like 50 prams.

Mish said...

It will all work out!!

Have you thought about renting it out? And even if you have to take a loss, I heard the tax returns are great (although I'll have to confirm that next April).

We finally got our rented out (only took about 2 weeks with this one company), and then got a nice little letter from our mortgage company that said we'd either have to 1) move back (obviously not an option), 2) refinance (who would refinance a house we owe more than what it's worth on??), or 3) sell. Um...hm...you can imagine how that sent us into a panic. Regardless, it all worked out and we got a waiver...so that's my housing woe right at this minute. No matter what, it will work out!! And if it doesn't right this minute, it will eventually and you can look back on this moment in time a couple years down the road and be thankful you're not still there.