Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ulcers don't make for funny.

And that, my friends, is why I'm not posting as often these days.

Because I'm too dang stressed out.

And high.

Don't judge me. I made a lot of signs for our Second Weekly Open House, and the marker is very odiferous.
Pungent, if you will.

Not unlike our family* after I made a new recipe called French Country Casserole that was made up predominately of beans.
Lesson learned.

*By our family I am mostly referring to myself.

My husband had the nerve to tell me that it was a good thing that I was in charge of the sign-making, because he needs his brain cells more than I do.
What? Just because he is the one who brings in 98% of the cash around this place doesn't mean I don't need my brain too.

In case you were interested, I contribute $120 a month to our family budget. I get it from the government because they have somehow taken responsibility for my failing thyroid due to it being diagnosed while I was on active duty.

And for that I say, Thank You Thyroid.
I don't need you anyway.
They make a pretty little pill to do your job when you up and quit.
So there.

So as you see, I am a Very Important Breadwinner as well. That $120 goes to Very Important Purchases, such as Thai food bought from a recreational vehicle, bulk cold-weather baby items, and the Bible written in French that arrived in the mail days after we found out we were no longer going to Quebec.

But I think I'm going to start saving some of that $120 for therapy. I'm going to need it if my house persists in it's unsold state.

As you may have guessed, the Second Weekly Open House did not go very well.
We did get one family that came through the house, but I could have held my breath for the amount of time that they spent looking around.
They didn't seem very interested.

So essentially, I spent hours cleaning, getting high making signs, and forbidding my children to breathe on the carpet so that one family could ogle our home for 2 minutes.

I think the Second Weekly Open House may be the last.

The one bright spot of news-- Josh was able to get our report date moved back by about 3 weeks. It isn't much, but it's better than nothing. Who knows? Maybe those three weeks will mean the difference between selling or not selling.

Some of you have asked if we are considering renting the house out.
Yes, that is our Plan B, though we would much prefer to sell it. I hate thinking of leaving it with someone who might not take very good care of it.

I just have to remind myself (often) that it's just a house.

It's my new mantra.

It's just a house. It's just a house. It's just a house.

I think I need some ice cream to take my mind off it.


Anonymous said...

Popcorn also works well. FYI: DQ is having a special on Blizzards that ends tonight. Buy one get one for 25 cents.
We got them last night. They were delightful.
I don't make money. I cost my husband money.
I am nervous about renting my house out. And I am nervous that my children will be eaten by bears and/or coyotes.
Thank you for liking me on FB. I hope you create a page so I can like you, even though I already do.
Like you.
Ain't I sweet?

I'm Erin. said...

I managed to resist the ice cream temptation-- it was a first.

I'm surprised you're nervous about renting your house out.
I mean, what are the chances that they have an HD that will live with them? I can't imagine that your renters will find a way to saturate your subfloor in urine.

*I'm* nervous that we'll rent out our house to a family like *yours*!
My poor appliances aren't used to being peed on.


Erin said...

You know, you just need something to take your mind off of selling your house. I tell you, I hardly ever think about selling ;) Try another baby!

Christina said...

I do hope this happens soon for you guys. I know it is stressful. But I've heard that ice cream is not only good for distracting you but it's also excellent for ulcers. :)
By the way, there were several times that I laughed out loud at your post. You are so funny!

NF - C&T said...

Erin have you thought about Mover's Advantage through USAA? You get a quick back w/ the realtor if they sell your house. It stinks b/c you pay commission but does take away some of the stress.