Friday, April 2, 2010

Les Dents

So please accept my apologies for the overdone "I'm pregnant on April Fools day" charade. But the primary target (PtB) was taken down, with several bonus players also falling for it.
Thank you for thinking I'm honest and reliable.
Maybe one day it will come true.

The real joke is that I'm going to pull that same thing for the next 3 April Fools days and not tell you when one of them is acutally true until I'm showing pictures of a newborn baby 9 months later.
Now that would be a good one.

Except of course we're done having kids, so that would mean one day I would have to tell that child that it was conceived only as a prop in my April Fools game.


But feel free to use that idea if you're not done having kids and live far enough away from everyone you know that they wouldn't know that you're pregnant. You know, like somewhere in Quebec.

Changing topics, we will now discuss places I take my camera that are not normal.

Like, the dentist office.
The kids had their cleanings yesterday and I brought my camera.
I'm guessing I'm not the only mom who's ever brought her camera to her childrens' first dental appointments. But I might be the only one to bring it to their subsequent appointments.

So I present to you, live and in color, Alexandra's third teeth cleaning of her life.
An important milestone, no?

She did great and the dentist said that her bulldog underbite might not be present in her permanent teeth. And if it is, then orthodontics can correct it and not the jaw breaking surgery that we thought was in her future ever since she first jutted that lower jaw out at us many moons ago.
Whew. Run-on sentence.

Derek, dental freak that he is with his missing front lower tooth, also did well. This was his first cleaning; his last visit was just a "Why is my child missing a front lower tooth?" consultation.
The dentist's answer: "It's freaky. It's weird. It must come from your husband's family because you look too normal for that type of thing."*

*not a direct quote

But I do believe my son was the cutest thing in Buzz Lightyear boots to ever grace that reclining chair.

Bonus! They didn't even ask me why I hadn't made my dental appointment ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey! Handsome Dude has Buzz Lightyear boots!

I think bringing your camera to a laundromat, of which you will not be doing laundry, is stranger. :)

Christina said...

I am so scared to go to the dentist. It has been WAY. TOO. LONG.
I would totally take my camera to the dentist. I take my camera to so many places that we were at the mall today and my son (who doesn't even like to have his picture taken) said,"Do you have your camera?!" excitedly. There was a fountain.
Keep those smiles gorgeous!