Friday, April 23, 2010

Seven Things Sunday (Friday Edition)

1) I don't know why I always choose to label these posts as a different day of the week.
It just makes me happy inside.
I almost called it Five Things Friday, but that would make too much sense.
And then I'd have to keep the things down to five.
And I'm feeling wordy today.

2) I just got back from the grocery store.
I believe I've mentioned to you before that this is my least favorite chore.
And to make matters worse, they totally rearranged the entire store.
The pasta is not where it belongs. The cereal is on the wrong side of the aisle. I may have picked up rat poison in the place of Bisquick.

That would be a travesty. Then how would I make our burnt banana pancake dinner?

So it was a confusing trip to the store. But we have survived.

3) Turns out that the day after the Art Show is the day that we get to take all of the "art" home with us.
There is a scrotum are two balls floating around my van somewhere. When I find them I will certainly take a picture for you.
Oh, and Alex says that they are snowballs. 

4) I loved this picture I posted of Alex the other day...

... so I tried to get a similar one of her brother today.

But he wouldn't stop chewing his sweet potato pancake. Not to be confused with the burnt banana pancakes.

Apparently we eat a lot of pancakes around here.

The boy isn't a big fan of fruits & veggies so I squeeze them in where I can.

Want the recipe?

-Make Bisquick pancake mix.
-Ensure it is not actually rat poison.
-dump in a baby food jar of sweet potatos
-Burn while cooking


I'm thinking that those of you who were holding their breath on me adding a cooking element to this blog have just exhaled and moved on.

5) He kept his mouth shut long enough for a cute picture!

I love his sweet little handsome face.

6) Driving around in the desert plains of Idaho does not make for a very lively game of I Spy.
Yet, the kids always want to play it.
Here are a few guarantees:
If they say yellow-- they are referring to the lines in the road
If they say green-- they are being generous in referring to the brownish grass
If they say blue-- the answer is the sky

But Alex thought I needed help with that last one today:
"I spy with my little eye something that is blue. I'll give you a hint, God lives there."

Naturally I guessed the blue van that was passing us.
Exasperating my children is a little hobby of mine.

7)  I'm wishing I had gone with Five Things Friday; I guess I'm not as wordy as I thought. I wish you all a happy Friday!


Erin said...

I keep thinking those pancakes are flattened chicken breasts.

Sandy@Life Began In A Garden said...

I thought they were english muffins with really dark jelly.

Anonymous said...

I am totally holding out for recipes.
I know you got some in ya,
Miss I-am-a-good-photographer-and-Taylor-is-not.

Heather and Scott said...

Fabulous photos again -- of course, you have beautiful subjects :)

Joyce said...

You are just too funny : )

The Passionate Housewife said...


p.s. I like the sweet potatoe pancake recipe!