Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Get up from your nap, it's time to polish the silver.

I'm sorry that I've been a little slow on the bloggy updates.
It's been hard to fit it in between all of the hours of the day I've set aside to be stressed out.

This whole "moving up the move" business is not good for the ratio of normal hair to gray hair I've got going on my head.
I might need to consider coloring it soon.
Well, either that or try to stop stressing.

Excuse me a minute while I go make a hair appointment.

Speaking of which, I have a haircut scheduled for this little fairy next week.
What do you think? Should we go for a short 'do or maybe just shoulder length?

Have I ever mentioned that I struggle with indecision?

I know this picture is fuzzy but it makes me smile anyway. She was telling me that she was practicing her flying.

And this was taken after church on Sunday. She disappeared into her room for a while and was so excited to show me that she'd made her bed.

 So I told her that I was proud of her and took her picture.
Then I made a mental note that the child is more capable than I give her credit for and I need to give her a few more chores around the house.

I think I'll start her off with the toilets. Or maybe mowing the lawn.

I think Derek's ready for some chores too, don't you?

He's already an expert at cleaning out his nose.
He doesn't even use any tissue.
Just his finger.
It's his way of going green.

Well this just took about 10 minutes out of the hour I had previously blocked off to obsessively check my e-mail in hopes of someone showing interest in seeing our house.
That's okay, I'll just push it back and adjust the following hour that I had been planning on watching the phone and willing it to ring for the same reason.

I'm flexible.

Happy Tuesday People.


Anonymous said...

Hope life calms down for you. I vote shoulder length for Miss Alex. My kids are totally green like Derek.
Happy Tuesday, Person!
Are you still doing 8 min abs?
I am planning on beginning again today.

Anonymous said...

PS-you win shortest comment of the week on my blog. :) ha!

Brooke said...

Alex would look sooo cute with a short 'do... a little bog or chin length!

Christina said...

I say the longer choice for her hair...but I have issues with my daughters' hair. Like, living vicariously through them.
When I was much younger I always thought I would be the kind of woman who grew old gracefully. I thought it was so vain to want to color your hair, or have surgery under your eyes. Then I turned 30.

Grandma said...

Any hairstyle will look perfect on my baby girl. P.S. It must have been me who taught her to make her bed (heh, heh )

Anonymous said...

Have making her bed each morning one of Alex's chores. We did that from the age of 2 and I did NOT go in and remake it even though I wanted to. Now at 13, she makes her bed beautifully when she takes the time. Pulling up the comforter counts on school days. But, I never wanted her to feel like her work wasn't good enough for me and quit, so I never remade it.

At that age, LaRae had a shorter, adorable, stacked back hair cut. But she had an adult head of hair so it styled itself. Now she's growing her "emo cut" back out and uses gadgets...straighteners, waver, etc. I was actually asked to help today. That doesn't happen often any more. I still curl better with an old fashion curling iron than the straightener but I'm learning.

I laughed out loud when I read the assignment change. That happened to us 3 times and almost a 4th in 26 years. Go with the flow. You always end up where you are meant to be. It may be hard to see it at the time but we look back and realize it all worked according to God's plan...even though I thought mine was better at the time. Yes, I'm a control freak.


aTXtumbleweed said...

A shoulder length / Short bob will frame her cute face!