Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Aftermath

We've had several days now to adjust to our new assignment.
We've spent a few nights tossing and turning, done a lot of second guessing, and indulged in a little bit of moping.

But we're (slowly) getting over it, and trying to change our mindset to get excited about the benefits to an assignment at Seymour Johnson (heh heh) in North Carolina.

To answer some of your questions-- yes, we've been there before. That was the base where Josh received his initial training in the F-15E. We were there for about 9 months.
And in the interest of offending your sensibilities, our youngest spawn was conceived there.

On Carswell Lane.

Or possibly in the backseat of our Corolla.

Really people.
I have my standards.
I would demand a luxury vehicle for that kind of parking.

If things go according to plan, we will be there for about 2 years before it's time to go to school, which occurs typically in Alabama, although there are a few exceptions to that.
Clear as mud?

Some good news is that we have several friends who are stationed there in NC, as well as several others who will be headed there this summer. It's such a blessing to have familiar faces when you move!
Our families couldn't be happier that we'll be closer to home. It's about a 13 hour drive to PtB's house in Michigan, and the flights are much less expensive in and out of Raleigh than to Quebec.

Of course, I'm not sure what exactly I'm going to do with these:

Maybe I'll keep them right next to the children's French books I bought. They can keep each other company.

But for me the biggest concern I have right now isn't the assignment or the 40-plus hours drive across the country. It's that our timeline has been moved up significantly and we have far less days than we thought we would to take care of this:

Pray for me people, I'm ugly when I'm stressed.
Also, I'm ugly when I cry.
So pray that someone will buy our house so I don't have to cry.

Do you know who is the most pleased about this turn in events?

"I'm happy we're not going to Canada. Now I don't have to learn French!"
                                                                                   - Alexandra Kate


MMm&m said...

I'll take one of the pink ones off your hands if you are willing to part with it.....name your price and I'll throw in a Cadbury caramel egg. I have ONE left. Take it or leave it.

Grandma said...

If you time your move right, I can help you with the drive. Now come on, what could be more fun than having me along on the road trip to amuse the kiddies.

Jen McD said...

PTB is even welcome to stay with us.... For a small price in the form of a GWTW ornament;-).

I tease! Good to hear you're looking forward to SJAFB. Strawberry AND blueberry picking, Derek and Mrs. Owen (PERFECT timing), target, shopping, free womans gym on base but the YMCA is nice too, familiar faces, sonic with a playground, hikari sushi, raliegh, excellect medical care in druham, close to the beach for day trips, sweet tea done right, coach factory outlet just one short tempting drive away!!

Anonymous said...

Canada is soooo overrated.+++++
I kid.
I don't know what I am talking about.
Boo for disappointment.
Yay for families close by!

Christina said...

I'm so sorry, but I have to admit that I started laughing when I saw the picture of the buntings...I had forgotten about that! Well, there are always orphanages in really cold places that would probably love donations?
I do pray that your house sells quickly. It looks lovely!
And I know you'll be excited to find out that I am from Richmond, VA and visit about once a year, so it's possible that we could meet sometime while you're in NC! Well, probably not. Anyway, I'll also keep praying for your adjustment.

Rachel said...

You haven't stopped to celbrate the fact that you'll probably be in Alabama with the mighty McClains, have you? Now, that's a good reason to dry your tears, isn't it? Are you crying?

Annie Pennington said...

I know I haven't commented much, but I read your blog often and love reading all your updates. You are the best darn blogger EVER! LOVE your writing!!!! I'm sorry about the assignment switch...but anytime you are ever sad about losing an assignment to a foreign country just think of me...and allllll the belly aching I did in a foreign speaking land! :D I wish the very best on your home selling.

The Passionate Housewife said...

Quebec is severely overrated and I am Canadian...I agree with your daughter I hated learning French as a kid! :)

Though I can only imagine the disappointment and frustration with all the changes. :(

Hope it all comes together soon for you guys...I can relate to the ugly cry, stress is never fun.