Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The House, The Boy, and The Girl

Yesterday our house was a part of the realtor's home tour. About a dozen agents came through to look at it. They all had nice things to say.

Unfortunately saying nice things doesn't necessarily equate to bringing over prospective buyers. But we can hope.

We'll be having another open house this Sunday. If it goes anything like last weekend, it will be very similar in appearance to just another Sunday afternoon at home.

Except I wont be wearing pajama pants.


The other night when my children were eating their dinner of cold breakfast cereal stop judging me, I noticed that Derek seemed to be spilling a lot of milk and he was only using one hand to eat with. 

He happened to be eating dinner wearing only his diaper I said STOP JUDGING ME. 
I realized that this ensemble will no longer work for us, because, well...

...being a boy and all... 

...well let's just say that he ate his entire dinner like this:


Oh boy.


Today Alex had her haircut. She is terrible at sitting still and equally terrible at polite social skills.
Nevertheless, she is as cute as a bug with her new shoulder-length 'do.




Erin said...

How do you get to be part of a home tour?

And, now that we are potty training, access is a whole lot easier.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the haircut. May I remind you that I suggest shoulder length hair? I am brilliant, I tell ya! :)
Sorry about the house. We are having house issues of our own. Such worry and stress.
I will be praying for you guys.
Handsome Dude found his unit and hasn't stopped touching it since.
So have fun with that!

Christina said...

Oh, I don't even know what to say about the boy business.
Her haircut (I wrote "haircute" which totally would have gone, too) is adorable!!
I really hope that there is good news in the very near future regarding your house!!

Mrs. J said...

and so it begins...and won't end. they just learn where & when it is appropriate! HA! Not sure if your your son will be like mine, but hmmm, how to I put it g-rated? here...just read:

anyway or you could be like thier mean uncle(my brother) who has 4 boys of his own and told them, when my kids were there, if they touch it, play with it, it will fall off. So my Chase, who is my worrier, believed him hook line & sinker, don't think he will ever eat/sit like that ever again! That was 4 years ago and he still doesn't "sit like a man"...Seth on the other hand, Lord help me now. Watching the neighbor girl tonite, I asked them to get thier jammies on...Seth just strips down naked in front of her, oh my poor little 6 year old neighbor. I think she is scarred for life! Not sure I will be allowed to watch her anymore!

The Passionate Housewife said...

On cold cereal for supper...that's healthier than donuts... not that I fed my children donuts for *cough* supper tonight *cough* or anything.

Your daughters eyes are just like my 7 yr. olds Big, Brown and Beautiful!

Joyce said...

Cute haircut : ) Good luck with the home sale. I've been there many times and it just never gets better. But...soon it will all be just a happy memory so hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I loved the expression on Derek's face--too funny! That length is perfect for Alex.