Monday, April 5, 2010

Green Grass and Snow

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

Our day started with the kids searching for their hidden Easter baskets.
Let me just tell you, if they were hoping to one day have a career that involves deductive reasoning skills, they can just give it up.

Me: Derek, here's a hint to help you find your basket. It's hiding where you take a bath.
Derek: Where's my basket?
Me: Derek, where do you take a bath?
Derek: I don't know. Where's my basket?


Me: Alex, your basket is hiding where mommy cleans the clothes.
Alex: *standing there with a blank expression on her face*
Alex: Huh?
Me: It opens and closes, mommy puts the wet clothes in there.
Alex: Runs to laundry hamper.
Me: No, where I put the wet clothes to get them dry.
Alex: Runs and looks inside the washing machine.
Me: *wonders to self, will my children graduate high school?*
Alex: Finally figures it out, but claims to not be able to pull the dryer door open.

This is not my child. If you told me that there was candy inside a dryer but that I could only use my toes and my teeth to get to it, I would still have figured out a way to get in there. It's candy people!

Children finally have their baskets.
2 minutes later, green fake grass is covering every flat surface in my house.
How does this happen?

Moving on, the kids redeem themselves from their investigative failures by being super cute in their Easter clothes.

(Despite Derek's pants being about 3 inches too short)

After church, we got together with our friends the Langfords for an egg hunt in their backyard.
Meet the Langfords:

Jack and Derek are good buddies.


Anyone care to point out what is wrong with the picture below?

Is it just me, or should Easter eggs not be hiding in piles of snow?

So those dang Langford's are healthy people. You know, they work out and eat lots of green things.
Brian's from California, so that should explain everything.

Anyway, in an effort to not sugar overload the munchkins, they convinced us to stuff our eggs with a few items that didn't have 100% pure refined sugar as the main ingredient.


So along with the gummies and jelly beans, the kids found some teddy grahams, fruit loops, stickers and toys in their eggs.
Do you know what we found out?

Young children, despite their inability to follow obvious clues to find their Easter baskets, are no fools:

 Because Nikki's floors were covered in these. But not a gummy worm or jelly bean could be found anywhere except stuck in our childrens' teeth.

Here's a shot of the four of us after the kids had hunted their eggs:

And here is a kid who is way too excited about a marshmallow on a stick:

And her equally happy brother taking his first lick:

Do you know what else?
Those things were gross.
And this is coming from someone who's never met candy she doesn't like.

I just realized that I didn't get my Cadbury egg this year. Stop the presses, I must wake the children and get to The Wal Marts in a hurry before the clearance buzzards take all the Cadbury eggs.



Anonymous said...

Good times!
Loved the picture of the healthy snacks that were sneakily discarded!

Rachel said...

Happy Easter! I would've eaten the poor discarded Teddy Grahams :( I feel badly for them.

Dressed-Up Dots said...

if you didn't get to feed your cadbury craving I have some extras!

Jennifer said...

Funny that you guys had snow! We were debating whether to take a dip in the pool ;) But I guess it's prepping you guys for the Easters to come... he he he!!

Great family shot! You need to utilize the timer mode on your camera and take more of those!! :)

Christina said...

There should definitely not be eggs in snow.
I agree, the family pic is great!
My poor kids don't get Easter baskets. haha. They still manage to make off with a ton of candy. They're tricky.

Sunk Costs said...

Hilarious. I don't know, where's my basket?

The Passionate Housewife said...

LOL! Oh my word, your interaction with your kids and the egg hunt had me laughing out loud! AND I agree NOTHING would keep me out of a closed unit if there was candy behind the door!!

I really can't blame them on the healthy snack options...I mean seriously what child is going to choose the fruit loops over the gummy worms??