Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2 Points

 Point 1:
Yesterday, I fought the computer, and I won.

This is a moment to celebrate.
For though I spend way too much time on computers, I know nothing of how they operate or what to do when one stops operating.

And yesterday, my computer became violently ill with a virus.

And it may have taken me hours.
But I beat that virus out of my computer.
And I am proud.

I didn't even have to call for any technical support. Though I did need some emotional support for a few moments.

But now I have a new title I can add to my list:

Wife, Mother, Daughter, Unemployed Nurse, Disabled Veteran, Bore-You-With-My-Drivel Blogger, Occasionally-I-Get-A-Lucky-Shot Photographer, Recovered tongue slut, and now COMPUTER GENIUS.

Well genius might be taking it a little far.

(But if you want to know more about genius, just ask PtB. She's convinced that my husband is one.)

Moving on.

Point 2:
When I got to Alex's preschool today to pick her up, she was standing by the gate watching for me.
She looked sad.
I was worried that maybe she was having friend troubles again.

She wasn't.

Turned out that 10 minutes earlier, this had happened:

Let's start off with, she's fine. I didn't even see any scratches or marks.

But did you catch that?
She landed on her face.

I need to let you people know something right now.

I am not an un-athletic person. I'm no sports star, but I wouldn't call myself uncoordinated.
My husband, on the other hand, has self-declared as a non-athlete.

(Pat the Bunny, before you interrupt about how your dear and perfect-in-your-eyes son was on the high school football team, let me preempt you by pointing out that he played about 10 minutes total. Ever. And he ended up with several broken fingers. Which he complains to me about if I get too aggressive with my hand-holding.)

So all I have to say is that our eldest has received pretty much all of Josh's genetic composition, to include his coordination.

Because people?

 She landed on her face.

No cat-like reflexes on her part. She didn't even get a hand down.

Alex, I'm so glad that you're okay. And that you cushioned your fall with your face.
Maybe next time you could lead with your arms or something?

And to add irony to injury, today she also brought home this:

It's a health collage. Made up entirely of bandaids.

And Alannis, that is way more ironic than rain on your wedding day.
Because to me, that is plainly a possibility or probability.
It all depends on season and location.

And now I have made my 2 points. Thanks for tuning in. 


Anonymous said...

What, pray tell, did she write after "Alex?"
Way to be a computer genius!

trooppetrie said...

that is too cute, you should buy some of the colorful band aids and let her make pictures

Rachel said...

Dear Alex,
I broke my nose in sixth grade because I fell on my face. I forgot to put my hands out when I fell. Take note. Put your hands out when you fall.
Yours truly,
Bump on nose (aka Rachel)

I'm Erin. said...

Taylor, I believe that she wrote

Alex, Derek, Mom, Dad

The other A and O are extraneous.

I'm not holding my breath on the genius genes having been passed down ;)

Grandma said...

My dearest Erin,

I beg to differ with your opinion concerning my granddaughter's genius status. I believe I have stated since she was just a tiny little baby that she is truly a genius. And I should know because, as you correctly pointed out, her father is a genius. I believe I have also pointed out that her younger brother is showing equal promise in the genius category.

Unprejudiced Grandmother

Erin said...

Too funny.

Via said...

Haha that's so funny! :)

Good going with beating the computer. I'm pretty much like you--on it all the time, but have zero idea how to fix it!

Christina said...

Irony...the stuff life is really made of.
I don't know if that makes sense at all, but I like it when I thought it.
I'm glad your girl is okay!!
Once you kick the computer's butt, it will be afraid of you forever. Oh, how I wish that were true.

NF - C&T said...

What Josh is not perfect?! No way. I don't believe what I'm reading. Please stop, you're turning my world upside down. j/k ... love you both ;-) perfection and all!

Anonymous said...

I just recently found your blog and you crack me up pretty much every entry! Thanks Erin!

Enjoy the cute stuff now...it's not cute anymore at almost 14, it's very annoying and frustrating!

Connie F-G

Sunk Costs said...

I swear to you, I thought she had identified some sort of skin disorder called dermomaekodad as part of her health collage.

aTXtumbleweed said...

Poor Baby!! That must have hurt!! (I feel you....I have fallen off my own shoes!! Now I wear flats only!)

Teresa Dawn said...

Haha, that collage is pretty ironic in the situation.

The Passionate Housewife said...

Oh My! LOL!