Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Her Day

Today was a special day for my sweet girl.
She was so excited when she went to bed last night about waking up as a five year old.

I went into her room in the morning and sang Happy Birthday while we snuggled.
She got to pick whatever she wanted for breakfast.

She chose fruit snacks and string cheese.

There's no accounting for taste.

Daddy called in the morning to wish his baby a happy birthday. He will be home soon, so we've decided to wait until he's here for Alex to open her presents.
I tried to make her day fun and exciting, even without gifts.

Being the birthday girl at preschool was fun for her, and of course she got to bring in a special snack.

Again, her choices sometimes surprise me.
She wanted "ring cookies" (Keebler Fudge Stripes) and strawberries.

Okay Alex. But I'm fairly certain every other kid in the room felt they got gipped out of a cupcake. At least I got off easy.

A few weeks ago, Alex began to ask if she could get her ears pierced for her birthday. I've never had a strong opinion on what an appropriate age for ear piercing is, so I told her sure.
I never thought she would do it.
Well because she's a wimp of highest proportions. Remember her last set of immunizations?
I told her that ear piercing feels like getting shots, and I was sure she would chicken out.

Well she didn't.
Apparently her overarching need to accessorize trumped the pain factor.
So after school, we headed out to Boise to get my baby girl some earrings.

I made sure that the store had 2 employees available to do the job, because I can say with 100% authority that if we had done them one at a time, we would have left with only one earring.

I filmed the act, but had to stop recording to offer a little sympathy to the drama queen.

Ready to go!
(After they marked her ears with the marker, she said "I didn't even cry Mommy!")

The big event

And the aftermath :
Oooh a lollipop!

Alex did that help you to feel better?

Guess not.

She eventually recovered and has spent the latter part of the day admiring herself in every mirror she can find.

After the earrings, we had milkshakes, tried out a new playground, and finished up the day with our first watermelon of the season.

It was a fun day, and I'm looking forward to all the new things this next year will bring.
Like maybe less whining, more self-restraint, and the ability to wipe her own hiney after going number 2.

Am I asking too much?


Christina said...

Awww, they are sweet!
Michaela got earrings for one of her recent birthdays (8, I think) and I am such a fabulous mom that I allowed them to rust, because I thought things were fine and didn't continue putting the alcohol stuff on them.
Don't do that. Your husband won't like it, and you'll feel bad about it. A tip for you. :)

Jennifer said...

I love how you are videotaping her getting those ears pierced! I am going to have to show Kaci the video in hopes that she will want to do hers too... Or maybe I will just show her the "after" pictures ;) Happy Birthday to your sweet princess!

Proverbs 31 Wannabe said...

Happy Birthday to Alex. My princess got her ears pierced last summer for her 5th birthday and I was shocked at how brave she was. Good luck with the no whining and with wiping her own hiney. The princess still whines...everything is so dramatic....and she doesn't wipe herself for fear that she'll get something on her hands. Let me know if you succeed with some of that and how you do it. 5 is a great age though and they do start to act a little more grown up.

Teresa Dawn said...

I got my ears pierced at that age but I was not so brave haha. I went there, got the pen drawn on, freaked out and left. Then convinced my mum to take me back. I screamed and screamed and tried to change my mind (especially after the first ear, I said I'd come back for the other in a week) but my mum said not a chance, she knew I'd regret it again if I didn't get it done so she held me down and we completed the job. Then she bought me some new crayons, 3 colouring books and 12 pairs of earrings for "being so brave". haha!

Keith McDaniel said...

Happy Birthday pretty girl!

ps - self hinny wiping, good luck! :-)

trooppetrie said...

What sweet pictures, I love it.

aTXtumbleweed said...

OK, I'm sorry, but I had to laugh! Till I had tears in my eyes too! I had almost the same reaction when I got my ears pierced....at 30 years old!! (I was a bigger chicken that it took me 22 years longer to get up the courage!!!) And I didn't get a lollypop!!

J. Henry said...

That picture of her crying is hilarious! (Sorry... crying kids and babies aren't supposed to be funny are they?) I posted a similar picture of my little one last night!

Sunk Costs said...

Oh gracious. I love the second between it happening and her realizing it happened. Brave girl!

thelumberjackswife said...

The volume did not work on my computer :(
I am sure I missed out on some wailing!
Looks like a fun day! What a big girl to wait on presents!!

Jen McD said...

Sorry! That was me signed onto keith's account! I promise my husband isn't creepy!!