Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Not telling PtB's story

First let me thank you for the suggestions you offered to counter my blog-block issue.

A special thanks to Pat the Bunny, my dear mother-in-law, who so graciously gave me permission to relay her incident at the Chik-fil-a.

But being the kind and thoughtful daughter that I am, I would never dream of embarrassing her in such a way.

I mean, it was embarrassing enough when she slipped on a wet part of the floor in a manner in which I've only seen cartoon characters fall.

Like when their feet slip out from underneath them and they lose all contact with the ground momentarily before landing flat on their backs.

I certainly wouldn't mention that she may or may not have had two fists full of salt packets at the time that went raining all over the restaurant like a ticker tape parade.
(I believe I've told you before that PtB has a salt addiction.)

There is nothing funny about a grandma taking a fall.
Nothing at all.

Except maybe for a second when Josh looked over in our direction from the toddler play area, couldn't see his mother (who was lying on the floor), and only saw flying salt packets.

That was mildly amusing.

But since there is not much that is funny about a grandma biting it in a Chik-fil-a, I will take the high road and not tell that story.

So thanks, PtB, but I wouldn't through you under the bus like that.

I'll just have to keep plugging away at things to blog about...


thelumberjackswife said...

Fun Fact: I have never been to a chic-fil-a.
Or however you spell it.

Christina said...

Oh my goodness. I am so sorry to say that I was laughing and then I read about how there is nothing funny about a grandma taking a fall...I felt so guilty! I am assuming that everything ended up okay (albeit salty) or else you would not have (not) mentioned the story.
And LJW...seriously, you must get to a Chick-Fil-A. You must.

I'm Erin. said...

Love the "albeit salty" Christina :)

And seriously Taylor-- get you some chik-fil-a.

Karen said...

very funny story about a non-funny incident!

Jen McD said...

Poor PTB!! The raining salt is the only part that makes it funny! ;-)

Taylor, you gotta give Chick-fil-a a try! It was my children's first requested meal back in the States. I did a happy dance.