Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (Thursday Edition, and with Words)

Nyquil = Awesome.
However, since small children happen to be walking (or waking) versions of Murphey's Law, my youngest spawn did wake up at 3:20 in the morning crying for his Ellie.

She is a Very Important Elephant in his life, though I'm not sure why he felt that my Nyquil night was a good time to lose her in his crib.
In my drowsy, drugged state, I felt a little like a pinball bouncing from wall to wall as I made my way across the house to his room.

Murphey's Law of course was also in effect in that I only get sick when Josh is away.

But I forgave Derek for waking me.
Mostly because this is his face:

And I happen to find it irresistible.

And he likes to bring me flowers weeds. And that's just plain sweet.

He's an avid dandelion blower.

And did I mention his face?

Yep. That's the one.

Despite the wake-up, I was feeling much better this morning, and slowly I'm getting back to normal.
But I might just take one more dose of Nyquil tonight, just to be safe.

Have I ever mentioned how much Josh loves that stuff?
It probably stems from his mother being a drug pusher.
But love it he does. I'm surprised he didn't take it with him, just in case.
I think Nyquil is one of his love languages.

In other news, my children are impossible to photograph together.
It turns into some sort of WWE event.

And it always makes me laugh to see how Derek doesn't exactly look like the little brother when Alex holds him.

Just like the good 'ole days.

And that's all I've got for you on this Thursday edition of Wordless Wednesday with Words.


Anonymous said...

Your comment about PTB's being a drug pusher made me miss the posts you wrote while you were staying with her!!

Anonymous said...

I am always leary of taking Nyquil for that very reason. I have been taking Robitussin PM and it doesn't make me so foggy in the morning.
LOVE the picture of him in black and white.
He is certainly a handsome little devil.
I did love that post about all the expired prescriptions. And everytime I find one in my medicine cabinet, I think of Pat the Bunny. Which is odd, since I do not know her.

Teresa Dawn said...

Such cute pictures! You're a fantastic photographer!

Some Guy said...

That's a fairly steep slope you have them sitting on in that one picture. Just look at Alex - she has to grab onto the grass to keep from tumbling down.

Corie said...

LOVE that first picture of Derek!

The Passionate Housewife said...

He's such a cutie!!