Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good Nyquil

I'm feeling a touch sickly today.
Like in the, I've been run over by a truck kind of way.
I probably slept about two hours last night, in divided doses.
I was going to post a blog tonight.
But instead I decided to take some Nyquil.
And I will just keep typing until it kicks in.
That stuff is strong.
It works quic


Christina said...

I hope you get some rest!! Sometimes it feels good to get knocked out.

Jaime said...

Love me some Nyquil. I also may or may not take a dose when I am not sick and my husband has agreed to be on baby duty. Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Nighty-night, I'm Erin. :)
Feel better soon!

NF - C&T said...

you crack me up! I can't wait until we are state neighbors! I think you looked adorable pregnant ... face and all.

aTXtumbleweed said...

Get well soon! Miss your blogging already!!