Friday, May 14, 2010

This and That

A few things of note:

1) I am feeling totally better now, so whatever little bug I had has come and gone quickly. Yippee Skippy!

2) I was crazy productive this morning. While Alex was at her 3 hours of preschool, I did some laundry, mowed the front yard, and went grocery shopping.
I know, I know.

I'm an animal.

Or as my kids would say, an aminal.
I don't correct it. It's too cute.

3) Which reminds me that yesterday, I took the kids for a treat at McDonald's. Alex was very excited to get some ice cream. But she wanted to be sure that it was going to be ice cream in a comb. So she asked me many times to confirm that her ice cream would come with a comb. 

I didn't correct that either. 

But yes, the ice cream combs were 50 cents, so naturally that's what I got her.
Derek wanted fries.
4) Tomorrow is my sister's birthday.
Everyone say Happy Birthday Corie!

This is Corie:

Or at least most of her. I cut off the top of her head.
It was an accident, I promise.

And she'll probably get mad at me for posting a picture of her without running it past her first.
But that's okay.

She owes me.

Do you know that my only sister, my one and only sibling, did not even come to my wedding?
Nay she did not.

Something about being ready to pop out that creature you see in the picture with her and her doctor said she couldn't travel and blah blah blah.

My sister didn't come to my wedding.

So I will post whatever I like.

5) For the first time, maybe ever, I was proactive and picked up a birthday card in plenty of time to get it to her by her birthday.
But then I forgot to actually send it.

So here you go, sister:

I decided not to fill it out so that I can use it again next year.

Unless you plan on becoming Jillian from the Biggest Loser in the next year, and then I'll have to get you a new card.
But I'll just send you coupons to Cold Stone to ensure that doesn't happen.

So pretend it says:
Happy Birthday! You're old! You are my favorite and only sister and I hope you have a great birthday. 
ps Why didn't you come to my wedding?

6) I was dismayed when I got to the commissary today. (That's the Air Force base's grocery store for you civilians.)
I had chosen a day that they were having a Case Lot sale.
They have a big sale on bulk items every once in a while.

Well I'm moving soon.
I don't need bulk.

But it creates long lines for the rest of us who just want to get our frozen dinners and get out of there.
(I don't enjoy cooking. When Josh is gone, I don't do it.)

But there was one bulk item that caught my attention:

All 3.5lbs of it.

I don't think that picture really does it justice. I'll try again with it sitting next to the large container of applesauce.

That's better.
That's a whole lotta Swedish Fish.

I became hooked on them my freshman year in college when my roommate, who was on a year-long sabbatical from eating actual food, kept these in a candy jar in our room.
I'm pretty sure I ate about 90% of them.

Hi Emilia! Sorry I ate all of your fish! I'm glad you started eating again! Emilia? Are you out there??

7) I probably don't need a 3.5 lb bag of Sweedish Fish. On account of the whole empty calorie thing.
And this:

8) I'm certainly being long-winded today, am I not?
Last one, I promise.

Alex brought this home from school:

And I was with her up until the last two pages.

Has anyone ever heard of these before?

I don't remember much about preschool.
Well, I don't remember anything about preschool.

Except that my haircut made me look more like an Aaron than an Erin.
 (Shoutout to my mom, who thought that if she cropped all my hair off, it might grow in thicker. Thanks for nothing mom!)

But I definitely don't remember quatrefoils or curvilinear triangles.
Kids these days.

9) Erin Schore out.
Which actually reminds me of American Idol, and how much I liked the duet by Lee and Crystal. Did you catch it?
I saved it on my DVR so I can watch it again and again until I don't like it anymore.

10) Now I'm really done.


thelumberjackswife said...

1)Happy Birthday Corrie!
Why didn't you go to Erin/Aaron's wedding?
2)When are you moving?
3)Those shapes are made up. I'm sure of it.
4)You are such an aminal.
5) That duet was superb. I like Lee and Crystal and do not know which one I want to win.
6)Casey has been ruined for me ever since he took his shirt off in the audition.
7) I found that to be quite lame.
8) Quite.

I'm Erin. said...


2: End of June
4: Grrrrrr.

I'm Erin. said...

No idea where that superfluous 'e' came from.

Dana said...

did those shapes have butts?

Some Guy said...

I think those shape names were intended for the French lesson but got placed in the wrong book.

Rachel said...

Ummmm. I kind of remember preschool. But I don't remember those shapes. I agree with thelumberjacksife, totally made up. Although, now that I think about it, I have this wooden toy in which you push variously (is that a word?) shaped blocks through the variously shaped holes and one of them looks like the clover-like shape from your daughter's book. I'm going to teach my daughter the official name so her someday preschool teacher will be amazed!

Jen McD said...

I need to get caught up on AI, but all my attention has been focused on Survivor. Crystal is my favie.

Children's House promotes high creativity so I'm going to call a little BS on the curvy butt shapes.

I love it when my boys mispronounce things. Cole is nearing 7 and still says redult instead of adult. It's about time I corrected him, but I'm afraid it's the last bit of preschooler left in him :-(

ps - Happy Birthday Corrie!!

Proverbs 31 Wannabe said...

Happy Birthday to Corrie! I love the card you picked out for her. She should feel loved that you gave her a shout out on your blog. I love it when my kids mispronounce words...my little princess calls Kentucky Fried Chicken, "Hockey Fried Chicken." That's my favorite and I don't know why she calls it that, but I love to hear her say it.

Thanks for your funny posts!

Corie said...

Mean, ugly picture!
Mean wedding comments....now I have to defend myself on my birthday?! Maybe you should have planned your wedding when I was not popping a kid out :)
I hope you eat all the Swedish Fish today! :)

Corie said...

Oh yes, thanks for the heartfelt card :)

Anonymous said...

I have a child who would LOVE me if I got her that big of a bag of Swedish fish. May have to go in search or better yet, send Danny to the commissary to see if they have them!

Connie F-G

Mrs. J said...

Happy Birthday Corie! That pic is great! You look incredible :)

I wish I could back you up with the wedding but my cousin will be 9months pregnant...with a scheduled c-section the week following her sister's wedding where she is the maid of honor...sorry to put salt in the wound...but couldn't pass up sharing, thought Erin would love that one:)

Erin...you never disappoint:) You always make me laugh:) I loved it!

And I loved Lee & Crystal's duet:)

And my favorite mispronounced word is : shunshine. I just can't correct him...it's too cute:) I think I am trying to hold onto my baby too...sigh...

Teresa Dawn said...

I have never heard of a quatrefoil either, but I do believe that shape was on the little toy I played with as a toddler/preschooler where you had to stick the correct shapes through the corresponding holes in a ball. I called it a flower.

Elaine said...

I went to that case lot sale. Second one ever. Disappointed. However, I did buy the ginormous bag of Gardettos.
Sefton tried to talk me into the Swedish Fish thingys several times. I have never tasted one and don't plan too.
He also mispronounces words. I, on the other hand, always correct him. And it does absolutely NO good. Because a glove is still a glub. And too many others for what I fear is a dyslexic child since dig is big and big is dig.

Corie said...

Now I have to defend myself again (thanks Erin). It should also be noted that I lived in Arizona about to pop a kid and the wedding was in Michigan. It was not like I sat in my house a mile away and skipped my sister's wedding! I was not allowed to fly. Now everyone be nice to me :)

I'm Erin. said...

See what I had to grow up with?
She's so snarky.

Mrs. J said...

Sorry Corie...I just couldn't pass it up(p.s. I am Kerry...used to be Harris if you didn't know already) and sorry to be mean! Your sis is just so darn funny, I couldn't wait to hear her comment back! And, I do think, her timing was well..inconsiderate? Dare I say...I mean, couldn't she WAIT to marry the man of her dreams until her precious nephew arrived? And arizona...michigan...true not a hop skip or a jump. My cousin will be driving from CT to MD ...a hike, but still a drive :) It's fun to "see" how your doing through Erin's eyes! And I meant it...that picture is great...you look awesome...and what a cute son you have!

I'm Erin. said...

Oh, now I'm the bad guy? Let me give you the WHOLE story. We scheduled our wedding date, Corie found out she was pregnant and it would have conflicted with the wedding. So we CHANGED our wedding date to something that would work. Then she had a miscarriage, which I did not previously mention because I do not want her getting any sympathy votes.
So we have our new wedding date, then she gets pregnant again the next month, and now it conflicts again.
We couldn't change the date again, because the venue was booked up. So really, it's all her fault for getting knocked up a second time. I mean, keep it in your pants people.
So there.
I am vindicated.

Corie said...

Hi Kerry! I had no idea that was you...too funny! You have a beautiful family. I peaked at your blog :)

Mrs. J said...

awe...what a sad yet happy incredible story Erin & Corie. Erin how could you leave that out?! It is a vital part of your story:) So noone is really at fault here(do you keep it in your pants? I have read your blog remember...the answser is probably no!! :) not that I REALLY want to know they answer, but I can guess, from your blogging! hahah) you guys are sisters and this makes for fun entertainment on your blog Erin:~) I love it! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Corie...I need to blog more often...yet, I feel um, what's the word, inferior to your sister:) If only I were as creative and funny as she is:) I just mainly started it to keep memories for the boys...I am HORRIBLE at journaling, and obviously not great at keeping up with the blog, but the important things make it! so lots of my stories are personal ... for them one day to read and think their mamma is crazy!

ahh thanks girls for providing me smiles these last few days! I needed it!