Friday, May 7, 2010

I love lists.

I like to blog in lists.
That way I'm not responsible for trying to make a cohesive post with the randomness that is my life.

So buckle up, here we go.

1) I have completed phase one of cleaning out my van.

Yes. I have to do it in phases.
Because I'm that untidy.

Phase one involves removing all objects that do not belong in the vehicle. Coats, a half-dozen empty water bottles, school papers, a spatula, toys that I had forgotten existed, etc.
I wish I had written an inventory of the things I found in there, because it would have been extensive and odd.

I was able to find, and reunite, the testicles snowballs that Alex made for her art show that had been rolling around on the van floor since that lovely event.

For your viewing pleasure:

Phase 2 of van cleaning will involve a vacuum.

Phase 3 will likely involve a dust rag and maybe some windex, but I can't be certain because I've never before made it past phase 2.
Usually by the time I get around to it, I have to start over at Phase 1 because things are beginning to pile up.

My name is Erin, and I drive a dirty van.

2) Today was the Mother's Day Tea at Alex's preschool.
It was pretty sweet.
The kids had made little gifts for their moms and sang us a few songs.

Then I choked down a muffin made by 4-year-old hands and hoped for the best. 

Here's Alex with a couple of her friends.

She may be full of attitude,

But I love that little girl so much.

3) Josh was supposed to leave today for a not-too-long trip.
But, hooray! His jet broke!

Wait, that doesn't sound good, does it?

Hooray! His jet broke before he took off!
So he gets to stay home a little longer :)

This is good for a couple of reasons, the most important of which is that I can now be spoiled on Mother's Day.
I really wasn't looking forward to Mother's Day on my own with the kids, but now that he's going to be home I'm going out on the town with some girlfriends.

Assignment America ( I feel like Bob Saget): Do you know any single moms? Or mom's whose hubby's are going to be away over mother's day? Maybe take a few minutes on Sunday to give them a call, or invite them over for a meal. Let's face it, young kids just don't know how to appreciate a mommy. And we all need a boost every now and then.

4) Alex loves her daddy.
Not only does he give great horsey rides and play games, but he also has a fun and pliable face.

Mommy doesn't play that game.
I feel gravity doesn't need any assistance in messing with my face.

I was surprised at her reaction when Josh told her he was going on a trip. Even though this is a short one, she really had a hard time with it. I think the next time he deploys is going to be rough on her.
I always thought that the older they get, the easier it will be when Josh is away for long stretches. I think the truth is that it will be easier for me, but harder on them.

Derek has been saying lately that Daddy goes to work to "make monies and keep us safe from da bad guys."
It's pretty cute.
We try to reinforce to them that Daddy doesn't go away because he wants to, but because his job is important for our country.
I'm sure they understand.
Just like they understand calculus.

5) It's Friday, yippee! Go party.


Anonymous said...

Yay his jet broke! ha!
My car is always dirty and I am a continuous disappointment to my father who must wash his car religously.
My name is Taylor. And I don't care.

Teresa Dawn said...

Great pictures. She looks tall for her age compared to her friends. I can understand it being harder on them when their dad leaves as they get older as they've had more years to develop that bond of attachment to him.

Karen said...

That was sweet of you to remember single moms and moms whose husbands are away. I'm "letting" my kids take me out to lunch on Mother's Day!
I'm so jealous of moms who drive around with vans clean on the inside and the outside. Mine is filthy inside and out and it will probably stay that way until the man of the house returns!

Christina said...

I don't mean to be annoying (although I 'm pretty good at it) but I'm sure that my van is waaaaay grosser than yours. Way.
I'm glad your hubby will be around a bit longer. Happy Mother's Day!

Dressed-Up Dots said...

would the spatula happen to serve the same purpose in the Schore household as the wooden spoon serves in the Roberson household?????

and i'm so glad Josh is still home....:)

I'm Erin. said...

Only if your wooden spoon was for peperoni pizazz at the First Friday potluck ;)

Erin said...

How did cleaning the car go? You can come widex mine if you'd like. Although, usually I just wipe down with diapers wipes as needed. The other day my HUSBAND spilled chocolate milk in my car. I had to clean that up.

The older they get, it seems as if when they first leave is hard and right before they get back is hard. At least that is when mine like to test the limits. Oh, and I love it when they start screaming "I want Daddy!"

Proverbs 31 Wannabe said...

Erin, I recently found your blog and love your posts. I have twin 5 year olds and a very messy van. I can empathize on cleaning out the van in phases and I never get past phase 2 unless darling hubby gets a bee in his bonnet and he cleans it for me. That is rare, I can assure you.