Saturday, January 1, 2011


I haven't blogged in almost a week.
Like most unsavory things, the blame for that lies squarely at the feet of Pat the Bunny, who arrived last Tuesday.

You see, I wasn't able to find my way to the computer because it was hidden under all of the toys she brought with her.
Many moons ago, PtB gave me her word that she would not go overboard on Christmas gifts this year. She verbally agreed to limit herself to buying 2 presents each for the children.

All I can say is:
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire.

Next time I'm getting it in writing.
PtB showed up with two suitcases. They were 90% full of what we call, Christmas: Part Deux. 
That left her very little space for what I would refer to as necessities.
You know, like clothes.

I think her plan was just to do laundry every day while wearing an outfit fashioned out of paper towel.

I can't be sure exactly how she pulled it off because I was busy sleeping in.
We have an understanding of sorts. I allow her the dubious privilege of visiting with her grandmonsters, and she lets me sleep in until hours unheard of among the ranks of mothers of small children.

She actually enjoys getting up with the kids, and get this-- playing with them.
Yes, I said playing.

Oh wait. I'm supposed to enjoy that too? I may need to re-read the mothering manual.

Moving on.

On Wednesday, the whole gang went to see Tangled at the movie theater.
Well, except for me.
I went shopping alone.
It's one of my love languages.

Each evening after the mini-humans were put to bed, Pat the Bunny and I settled in at the kitchen table and got down to business.
We're gamers. Didn't you know?
We take our cribbage very seriously.
She also brought me a new game-- Banana Hammock.
Wait, that's not right.
I mean Bananagrams.
It's a word game.
And I would like to humbly tell you all, that I dominated her all day.
Every day.

(Humility is one of my best qualities.)

Our cribbage tournament ended in a tie, so I feel no further need to discuss it. 

Pat the Bunny is leaving today. We bid her a fond fare-thee-well, and I will check the days off the calendar until her next visit.
What? Is that weird?
I just really like sleeping in.

Really, really like it.

The Christmas decorations have been put away, school/work/dance/Awanas/Terrible-Thursdays/real world starts on Monday. Same time, same place, new year.

I love to read other people's new year resolution posts, so as soon as I can steal some of their ideas, I'll be back to post my own.

Oh, and if you'd thought we were done having company for awhile, you'd be wrong! My dad is the next in line to endure the boring-ness that is our daily lives.
He should be pulling into town late tomorrow. The kids may never recover once they have to go back to entertaining themselves.

Hope you all had a great 2010, and wishing you an even better year to come!

Bananagrams Champion of 2010


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

When those little ones are teens, you get to sleep in late again. But then again, we have to stay up late too! That's tough on us morning people.

Enjoy all the activity.

Connie F-G

Proverbs 31 Wannabe said...

I love Bananagrams! So lucky you got to sleep in. Maybe you could send PtB to Florida for a visit.

J. Henry said...

Yay for having Mom in town to help! I understand about shopping alone being one of your love languages... I went out for about 2 hours today by myself (and only bought one little childrens book) but it was sooo nice just being myself without a little one to tote around!

Joyce said...

Since we play that game here too I question your claim to the title-Bananagrams Champion of 2010 : )

Taylor said...

Tangled was awesome! You missed out! :)

Christina said...

haha I'm at my mother-in-laws and she gets up early (and so does her husband) and they do stuff with the kids...get them breakfast (make waffles!), and turn on fun shows for them. I get up around 10:30. I am bad. What am I going to do when we get back home, I don't know.
Anyway, I am glad you got to spend some great time with PtB. Happy New Year!

Nicole said...

haha! I can't help but often thinking of bananagrams as the other name you gave it too. I am slightly addicted to it. I've made Matt spend too evenings in a row playing me (I mean losing). Tonight I have two girlfriends coming over and wine and bananagrams are on the menu.