Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas, In Review.

We had a quiet, all-day-pajama-wearing kind of Christmas yesterday. 

The kids were excited to open their gifts, and proceeded to play with each and every toy they received throughout the course of the day.
After a couple of hours, it looked like Toys-R-Us had vomited it's contents onto our living room.
Nerf darts were whizzing past my head, a basketball was bouncing off the ceiling fan, and Snow White was having a tea party. All at the same time.

If you don't think I have enough children to make all of those things happen at the same time, think again:


Derek. My sweet boy. It was nice knowing you.
I don't know why you have fallen so hard for some plastic hippos, but I am glad you have found your one true love.
I never knew a game meant for more than one player could keep a 3-year-old's attention for hours on end.

Alex has been gifted with every piece of art paraphernalia known to mankind.
 We might already be running out of paper.

Boppa stayed to watch the "opening ceremonies" but then needed to get on the road.

You know what they say, out with the old and in with the new also old.
Yep, today your good friend and mine, Pat the Bunny, was on her way.

Unfortunately, this happened overnight:

And PtB's flight was canceled.
She wasn't able to get on another flight until Tuesday, which is a bummer.
We were looking forward to a longer visit, but sometimes things just don't work out the way we plan, I suppose.

And to think, I had stocked up on a full week's supply of paper towels.
I have mentioned PtB's affinity for paper towels, have I not?
I'm not exactly sure what she does with them, but you will never have a roll disappear as fast as when she is around.
This visit, I plan to hide a camera near the paper towel roll and see just what she's up to.
I will keep you posted, naturally.

We took the kids outside a couple of times today, since you can't count on a snow like this falling every winter in North Carolina.

When we got back in the house after our first romp in the snow, we realized that we had lost power. The recording at the electric company said that the crews were working on it, and it should be resolved by midnight.
It was noon.
The temperature in the house was starting to drop, and we were starting to think about locating matches, candles, and flashlights just in case.
Or should I say, Josh was starting to do those things.
After having spent the whole of Christmas day in my jammies, and not having made it to the shower yet, I had my priorities.
And they involved not having smelly armpits.

I was concerned that electricity might be necessary to keeping the hot water tank, well, hot. So I jumped in the shower as fast as I could and thankfully there was plenty of warm water.
I would hate to turn into a human popsicle under any circumstances, but being frozen and stinky was too much for my little mind to contemplate.

Once I had my shower, I was feeling more a like a pioneer out on the prairie, with nothing between me and the blizzard by my thin blanket clasped around me, and wearing all the clothes I own on my back.

Except, not in a log cabin. And with thick blankets. And too many clothes to wear at the same time.

Oh, leave me alone. I loved Little House on the Prairie when I was growing up.

Go ahead, ask me anything. There's no episode I haven't seen multiple times. You cannot stump my LHotP knowledge.

Then the power came back on.
And I didn't feel so much like a pioneer anymore. Which was okay, because I had a hankerin' for a cuppa hot tea. And I needed my microwave.

That is all.
Hope you and yours had a merry little Christmas.


Taylor said...

Poor Pat the Bunny! She must have been so disappointed!
Here's what you do: buy a trail camera and set it up by the paper towels. My husband has one for hunting purposes. It takes pictures quietly and discreetly when it senses any movement.
Mystery solved.

Proverbs 31 Wannabe said...

Glad you had a good Christmas and your power was restored. I also loved LHotP. I own almost all of the seasons on DVD. Don't turn into a Popsicle!

Erin said...

Soooo, once our house is void of little people who chew on everything, Hippos should go on the list? Good idea!

J. Henry said...

Love the pic of your sweet boy! They are such beautiful children!

So I have a theory about the paper towels. I am weird... and maybe PtB is too! I fear hand towels are not clean enough so I resort to paper towels. Maybe she thinks its time you washed your hand towels? Weird? Yes!

I'm Erin. said...

Good theory! I don't think that's weird-- I have some similar peculiarities germ-wise.
I do try to change out my hand towels each day.
But I'm afraid her consumption surpasses just regular hand-drying needs.

Keep digging.
Have you heard of pica?


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! I can't believe you leave Idaho and still get snow!

Jen mcd

Nicole said...

who was pushed down the hill in a wheel chair and why? No shame btw...I've got a month's worth of blogging to catch up on! what fun : )

I'm Erin. said...

Laura pushed Nellie Olsen down the hill b/c she knew she was pretending to be paralyzed from a horse-riding accident involving Laura's former horse Bunny whom she had sold to Nellie to buy a special Christmas present for her ma that pa couldn't afford, and it was especially touching because Pa didn't know about it and had made Laura a saddle for Bunny as her Christmas gift.