Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Proof is in the Pictures

Here is some photographic proof to follow up on my 1-minute post.

1) Derek loving him some PizzaPizza.

Nothing but the best for our little guy. Little C's hot-n-ready for his first pizza experience.
We didn't want to start him off on Papa John's right away, or we'd set his standards too high.

2) Alex at dance class. (in the black top)

She is an adorable ballerina.

Which is good.
Because she is lacking in the talent department. 

In her defense, she apparently wasn't feeling very well.
Which makes me feel a little bad because mid-way through the class I took her into the lobby, showed her the picture of her recital outfit, and explained that if she didn't wipe the pout off of her face and act as if she liked dancing, she wasn't going to be getting one. 

Seriously. They are $59.25. And if she doesn't enjoy dancing, then I can think of fifty nine and one-quarter reasons not to buy that outfit. 

Turns out that she does enjoy dancing. Only not when mom and dad are in attendance.
Is she fourteen, or what?

But good news! Her cartwheels are becoming more recognizable as such. Before they were more like a somersault vomiting.

3) I won second place in the Ugly Christmas Sweater competition at the squadron party. I guess that's what I get for telling everyone who didn't win the leg warmers that they were losers

Because as the No Fear tee shirts used* to say, Second Place is the First Loser. 

(*Unless you are Taylor. In which case, they probably still say it. Because she probably still wears them. Because she uses the word "sike" which indicates living in the past.) 

You have to give me an A for Effort. 
 I was wearing a Christmas print jumper. 
With pockets. 
Underneath a hideous sweater. 

And check out my hot date w/ the semi-ironed pants.
He pulled off a double ugly sweater combo, with a vest over a sweater.

Oh, and the piece de resistance?

The socks. 

Let me tell you, those jumpers are ten kinds of comfy. I could have made 3 more trips to the buffet at least. Roomy. 
I told Josh I'd be keeping it around for my bloated and/or hungry days.
And also in case I homeschool. I'd like to look the part, you know. 

Just kidding my homeschooling friends! I know you don't all wear jumpers. 
But if you'd try one on, I think you'd all agree that you should. 

Did I mention it has pockets?

4) My zitstache has cleared up. No zooming in on those pictures to make fun of me.
I already made fun of myself, so it's really not necessary.

5) Public Service Announcement: There are 12 days 'til Christmas. So If I'm not around much, just picture me licking envelopes and searching through 2,359 e-mails to find addresses that people updated me with throughout the year and I just left sitting in my inbox. 

6) Sometimes it's hard to be me.


Taylor said...

First of all, I say Psych. Get it right.
Second of all, I don't really say it. I just "blog-say" it.
Thirdly, I don't say Holla.
Fourthly, Your kids are cute. Let's see you do a cartwheel.
Fifthly, you know you are doomed to homeschool now, right?
And you will rock the jumper.
Oh, wait!
You already did.

Joyce said...

So was the prize for you two as a couple? Because your hubs sweater looks like a prize winner to me!

I'm Erin. said...

I agree Joyce, it was all politics or we would have gone 1-2. ;)

And Taylor, I can rock a cartwheel better than I do a jumper.
No psych.

Grandma said...

Is my son wearing girl sweaters?

I'm Erin. said...

womens size small, to be exact ;)

Tayler said...

Hmm. That jumper reminds me all sorts of my kindergarten teacher. Loves it.

Jessica said...

I think her toe point is very pretty! Oh, and it looks like they're teaching her right handed cartwheels...probably complicating it for her.

Kristen, The Pajama Mama said...

Erin! You crack me up! Just found your blog via facebook-it was the inappropriate boxer comment...glad to see you're doing well! Merry Christmas!

Christina said...

That is a keeper. The jumper, of course. :)
I needed a chuckle.

Erin said...

I agree with you on the recital costumes. I just put a $45 deposit on hers because it costs $90. I soooo wish I were joking.

I thought the sweaters looked perfectly hideous. Great job! I could never wear jumpers though. They fell like a giant pajama gown and I feel ne-kid underneath. I'm too much of a prude for that :)